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eStout Student Laptop Program: Laptop Exchange/Refresh Information

eStout laptop refresh/exchange summary for students eligible for an eStout student laptop

Laptops with this sticker, Laptop Return Year: 2024, are due to be exchanged in September 2024. Students with these laptops should watch their email for further instruction.

Graduating in December of 2024? You may not need to exchange! Learn more...

What is laptop refresh/exchange?

eStout laptop computers are on a two year replacement cycle. In the fall of each year laptop computers that are two years old must be returned. When a student has a two-year-old laptop replaced with a newer computer, Stout calls that "exchange" or "refresh."

Laptop refresh/exchange is the process during which two-year-old student laptops are exchanged for newer laptops. Students having computers with a “Laptop Return Year: 2024” sticker will turn in their current laptop and accessories in the fall of 2024 and receive a newer computer. Students who do not need to exchange will have access to the same software and operating system via a reimage at the helpdesk.

Student Teaching, Co-Op Students, and Study Abroad Students 

Students departing for Student Teaching, a Co-Op or Study Abroad experience in the summer or fall must make sure that their assigned laptop is not scheduled to be exchanged during the time they will be away from campus. If this is the case, please inquire about an "early refresh."

When do I exchange a laptop?

To determine when a laptop needs to be exchanged, the white UW-Stout Asset Tag on the bottom of the computer states the "Refresh Year". The university will notify eStout students via e-mail when and where to exchange their assigned laptop and what accessories must be returned.  Students who will not be on campus during the fall laptop exchange dates should participate in the early laptop exchange explained in the refresh emails.

Please be aware

  • A UW-Stout Student ID is required for all laptop deployments. A laptop will not be issued without a University issued ID card. Please contact the Campus Card Office with questions on obtaining a Stout BlueCard.
  • All required accessories must be returned with the laptop at the time of exchange to avoid billing; late returns of accessories will not be accepted.
  • Students must exchange their computer in person
  • Data back-up is the responsibility of the student; files will not be transferred
  • UW-Stout backpacks are not available for purchase and provided only with a student's first laptop

Contract Agreement

The eStout Student Laptop Computer Agreement requires that an eStout student with a two-year-old laptop return the laptop and the appropriate accessories.

The student has agreed to take reasonable care of the computer and to bear the risk of damage until it is returned to the University. If the computer is found to be damaged during inspection by a University authorized repair technician, the University may charge the student for that damage.The student is also responsible for the full replacement cost of any lost, damaged or missing accessories. No accessories may be returned after the laptop is turned in. All charges will be added to the student's University account.

In the event that the computer is not returned within stated time frame, the University may place a hold on the student's university record, bill them for the replacement cost of the computer and/or a $400 fee, or file a loss claim with the University's insurance company which would initiate repossession or police investigative action.

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