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Video adapters for connecting laptops to classroom projectors

Video ports and adapter types to use classroom projectors

Many newer laptops do not have a VGA port in which to plug classroom video cables directly for the purpose of projecting; an adapter is required. These same adapters are sometimes used in offices to enable the use of dual monitors. Video adapters are not provided by LIT and are the responsibility of the department to purchase if needed through normal purchasing channels. The use of AirMedia projection (available in all generally-assigned classrooms) negates the need for a video adapter.

HP Laptops (see Apple below)

HP laptops that do not have a VGA port (example shown below) require an adapter that plugs into the available display-out on the laptop to connect to a projector or many monitors. There are two kinds of display ports found on most non-Apple laptops: HDMI and Display Port.

VGA port image 
               VGA Port

Display port (shown below) is identifiable by it's asymmetrical shape, is usually marked with a symbol (as shown), and is the more common of the two

HDMI (shown below) is identifiable by its symmetrical shape and is sometimes labeled as HDMI (as shown)

These two video-out ports would require adapters such the ones shown here, available through normal purchasing channels (no particular vendor or brand is endorsed)

 Display Port

 HDMI Port

 Display port image

 HDMI port

 Display Port to VGA Adapter

HDMI Port to VGA Adapter 

Display port to VGA adapter 

HDMI to VGA adapter 

Apple Laptops

Apple laptops vary, but most on-campus Apple laptops used by faculty and staff will not have a VGA port and will require a Thunderbolt to VGA adapter. The ports on student laptops appear physically the same, however are actually Mini DisplayPorts. These ports are distinguished by a small symbol near the upper-left-hand corner of the port.

Thunderbolt and MiniDisplay ports with symbols

Mini DisplayPort to VGA cables were provided with student laptops issued prior to 2016. The introduction of AirMedia to the classrooms greatly diminished the need for these adapters.

Thunderbolt to VGA

Please note that a USB C to HDMI adapter will not work from some HP laptops

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