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ImageStout - L_1Forms Complete - Where does the document go?

This will show where the forms go when they are routed to the L_1Forms Complete workflow queue.

What is it and Why do I need it?

The last signer of a document can/should route to L_1Forms Complete and the document will route to the processing department based on the document type.

If there isn’t a specified route for the document, the document will route to an error queue and the ImageStout team is notified and a new route will be created or the Imaging Team will contact the originator or router of the form to figure out where the form needs to go.

 Department  Document Type
 Route to workflow queue
Advisement Center Documents L_AC.3-Year Graduation Guarantee
L_AC.4-Year Graduation Guarantee
L_Forms Rodriguez, Glendali
Accounting L_Acct.Budget Transfer Form L_Forms Wieland, Curtis
  L_Acct.Direct Payment
L_Acct. Group Travel Advance    
L_Acct. Invoice        
L_Acct.Food Requisition
L_Forms Accounts Payable
  L_ Acct.Account Maintenance Form
L_ Acct.Department Requisition    
L_ Acct.Expense Transfer    
L_ Acct.Payroll Transfer    
L_Acct.Rate Request    
L_ Acct.Revenue Transfer    
L_UF Foundation Payment Request
L _Acct.Voice (Wireless)
L _Acct.e-Reimbursement
L _Acct.Non_Employee Profile Form
L _Acct.Out of State TA
L_ Acct.Journal Entry
L_Forms  Acct General Ledger Forms
  L_Acct.Prize Gift Award Form L_VC Prize Form Send E-mail
  L_Acct.Tuition Reimbursement L_Acct Tuition Reimbursement
Campus CardL_CCO.Card Access Request Formglobal_route_by_username
Curriculum Forms L_CURR Special Course Fee L_Curr SpecialCourseFeeReview
Human Resources Forms L_HR Outside Activities Report 1HR_Outside Activities Fm Hold
  HR Overload L_ Forms Falkner, Bonni
  L_HR Personnel Action Assignment L_Forms Johnson, Jo-Payroll
  L_HR Title Survey
L_HR Correspondence
  L_HR StoutOnline ES Form  L_Forms Larrabee, Barb
  L_HR Summer Leave Report HR Summer Leave Reports
  L_HR Supervisor Change Request L_HR_ROUTE WEB FORM TO PAYROLL
  L_HR ES5 Form
L_HR ES6 Form
L_HR Change of Responsibility
L_HR LTE Request
L_HR Rolling Horizon
L_HR Salary Adjustment Form
L_HR Summer Service
L_HR Equity Adjustment
L_HR Ed Pre Code Change
L_HR Market Adjustment
L_HR External Job Offer
L_HR Join (Docs)
Instructional Resources L_IRS Resource Request
L_IRS Removal Form
IRS Add_Remove Requests
Integrated MarketingL_IM Booklet (bound)
L_IM Brochure (folded)
L_IM Card
L_IM Exhibit/Banner
L_IM Flyer (flat)
L_IM Form
L_IM Invitation
L_IM Other
L_IM Pocket Folder
L_IM Postcard
L_IM Poster
L_IM Program
L_IM Signage
L_IM Table Tent
L_Forms Keyes, Cheryl
Purchasing L_PMM Business Card requisition PMM Business Cards Received
  L_PMM Computer Cost Share L_Forms Computer Cost Share
  L_PMM Printing Work Order PMM Printing
 L_PMM Purchase Requisition
L_PMM Credit Card
L_PMM PCard Application
L_PMM Exception Request to Purchase
L_PMM Monthly Statements
PMM Purchasing
 L_PMM Stores RequisitionPMM Stores
 L_PMM Surplus Declaration Form
L_PMM Surplus Computer Declaration Form
PMM Surplus
Physical PlantL_PP Delegation of AuthorityL_PP Delegation of Authority
 L_PP_Fleet_Res_FormL_PP_Fleet Needs Review
 L_PP Key RequestL_PP Key Request
 L_PP Space RequestL_Forms Space Requests
 Registration and RecordsL_RR Certificate Completion Form
L_RR Minor Approval Forms
L_RR Prof Develop Certificate
 L_RR Schedule Additions
L_RR Schedule Changes    
L_RR Schedule Deletions
RR Curriculum
 L_RR Substitution
L_RR Waiver
RR_Form Auto Route to RR
 L_RR Credit by ExamL_RR SBS Credit by exam
Research ServicesL_RS Gifts of Money
L_RS Gifts of Money Supplemental
L_RS Gifts in Kind
L_RS Gift in Kind Supplemental
Folder Type:  UWS-RS Gifts
L_Forms Brody, Nancy
 Folder Type:  UWS-RS Grants Contracts
Folder Type:  UWS-RS-GC-Approval
L_Forms Daugherty, Daphne
Senate OfficeL_Senate.FS Resolution
L_Senate.SAS Resolution
L_Senate Office
Stout OnlineL_SO Credit Outreach Course Approval
L_SO MOU - Independent Study
L_Forms Larrabee, Barb
Stout Online and
Student Business Services
L_SO Approval Form
L_SBS.Segregated Fee Waiver Form
L_Forms Zielieke, Ann
Student Business ServicesL_SBS.Scholarship GrantsL_Forms May, Leigh

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