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Perceptive Content: L_1Forms Complete

This will show where forms go when routed to the L_1Forms Complete workflow queue.

What is it and why do I need it?

  • Some forms will indicate to route to L_1Forms Complete.
  • The last signer of a document:
    • Should route to L_1Forms Complete.
    • The form may indicate a different workflow queue to route to.
  • Documents route to the processing department based on the document type.
    • What happens if there isn’t a specified route defined?
      • Document will not route out of the L_Forms Complete queue.
      • The ImageNow team is notified every 30 minutes.
      • The ImageNow team will re-route a miss-routed document.
      • The ImageNow team will contact the department owner to figure out:
        • Where the form should go.
        • Setup a new routing rule if needed.
  • Some examples of the routing rules.
    • L_AC Change of Major              Routes to:  L_AC_Advisement Center
    • L_Acct.Direct Payment              Routes to:  L_Acct Accounts Payable
    • L_Acct Food Requisition            Routes to:  L_Acct Accounting Forms
    • L_RR Schedule Additions          Routes to:  L_RR Curriculum
    • L_RR Substitution                      Routes to:  RR_Form Auto Route to RR

Forms Complete automated routing options.
 Department  Document Type
 Route to workflow queue
Processing Department
Advisement Center L_AC.3-Year Graduation Guarantee
L_AC.4-Year Graduation Guarantee
L_AC_Graduation Guarantees
L_AC Change of Major L_AC_Advisement Center
Accounting L_Acct.Budget Transfer Form L_Acct Budget Transfers
  L_Acct Clothing Auth
L_Acct.Direct Payment
L_Acct. Group Travel Advance
L_Acct Invoice
L_Acct Payment to Individual (PIR)
L_Acct Requisition
L_Forms Accounts Payable
  L_Acct Catering Invoice
L_Acct Data (Wireless)
L_Acct Deficient Balance
L_ Acct.Department Requisition
L_Acct e-Reimbursement
L_ Acct.Expense Transfer 
L_Acct Food Requisition
L_Acct Funding String Form
L_Acct Journal Entry
L_Acct Non_Employee Profile Form
L_Out of State TA
L_ Acct.Payroll Transfer
L_Acct.Rate Request
L_ Acct.Revenue Transfer
L _Acct.Voice (Wireless)

L_UF Foundation Payment Request 
L_Forms  Acct General Ledger Forms
L_Acct Reconciliation Audit L_Acct ReconcileAuditArchive
  L_Acct.Prize Gift Award Form L_Acct Prize Retreat
  L_Acct.Tuition Reimbursement L_Acct Tuition Reimbursement
Campus Card L_CCO.Card Access Request Form global_route_by_username
Chancellor's Office L_CO Recruitment Questions L_Forms Guilfoile, Patrick
L_CO Special Project Funds L_CO Special Project Funds
Curriculum Forms L_Curr License Agreement L_Curr QA
L_CURR Special Course Fee
L_SBS Waivers
L_Curr SpecialCourseFeeReview
Graduate School L_GS Assistantship Request L_GS Assistantship
Human Resources Forms L_HR Outside Activities Report 1HR_Outside Activities Fm Hold
L_HR LTE Request 1.1HR_LTE Approved
  L_HR Overload L_ Forms Falkner, Bonni
L_HR ES5 Form/L_HR ES6 Form 1HR_Unclassified_Assistant
L_HR_FA_IAS_Qualificaiton_Exception L_PO_HR FA IAS Qual Processed
L_HR Change of Responsibility
L_HR Rolling Horizon
L_HR Salary Adjustment Form
L_HR Summer Service
L_HR Equity Adjustment
L_HR Ed Prep Code Change
L_HR Market Adjustment
L_HR External Job Office
L_HR Join (Doc)
  L_HR Personnel Action Assignment L_Forms Johnson, Jo-Payroll
  L_HR Title Survey
L_HR Correspondence
L_HR Back pay request form
L_HR Project Appt Recruitment Approval
L_HR Student raise form
L_HR Tuition Reimbusement
L_HR Telecommuting Policy
L_Forms HR Front Desk
  L_HR StoutOnline ES Form  L_Forms Larrabee, Barb
  L_HR Summer Leave Report HR Summer Leave Reports
  L_HR Supervisor Change Request L_HR_ROUTE WEB FORM TO PAYROLL
Learning Information Technology
L_LIT IN New User L_TN ImageNow
Instructional Resources L_IRS Resource Request
L_IRS Removal Form
IRS Add_Remove Requests
Integrated Marketing L_IM Booklet (bound)
L_IM Brochure (folded)
L_IM Card
L_IM Exhibit/Banner
L_IM Flyer (flat)
L_IM Form
L_IM Invitation
L_IM Other
L_IM Pocket Folder
L_IM Postcard
L_IM Poster
L_IM Program
L_IM Signage
L_IM Table Tent
L_Forms Keyes, Cheryl
Instructional Resources L_IRS Resource Request
L_IRS Resource Withdrawal
IRS 1Add_Remove Requests
Learning Information Technology L_LIT Dept Req L_Forms Chaltry, Noelle
PMM Printing L_PMM Business Card requisition
L_PMM Envelope Letterhead Req
L_PMM Envelope
L_PMM Letterhead
L_PMM Printer Work Order
L_PMM 0Printing
Purchasing L_PMM Computer Cost Share L_Forms Computer Cost Share
  L_PMM Purchase Requisition
L_PMM Credit Card Statement

L_PMM Consultant Agreement
L_PMM PCard Application
L_PMM Exception Request to Purchase
L_PMM Monthly Statements

L_PMM User Agreement Form
PMM Purchasing
  L_PMM Shop@UW Application
  L_PMM Stores Requisition PMM Stores
  L_PMM Surplus Declaration Form
L_PMM Surplus Computer Declaration Form
PMM Surplus
Facilities Management
(Physical Plant)
L_PP Delegation of Authority L_PP Delegation of Authority
  L_PP_Fleet_Res_Form L_PP_Fleet Needs Review
  L_PP Key Request L_PP Key Request
  L_PP Space Requests
L_PP Space Request Analysis
L_PP Space Request Screening Form
L_PP Space Request ADM Approval
L_Forms Space Request Review
L_PP After Hours Form L_PP AF After Hours
Risk Management L_RM Drone Flight Application L_RM Director
L_RM Student Travel L_RM Student Travel Received
Registration and Records L_RR Certificate Completion Form
L_RR Minor Approval Forms
L_RR Prof Develop Certificate
L_RR Credit by Exam L_RR SBS Credit by exam
L_RR Cert Retro Credit Foreign Lang L_RR Cert Retro Credit Foreign
L_RR Course Enrollment Exception L_RR_CEEF_SS_Specialist
  L_RR Schedule Additions
L_RR Schedule Changes
L_RR Schedule Deletions
L_RR Curriculum
L_RR Independent Study RR_Form_reindexer
  L_RR Substitution
L_RR Waiver
RR_Form Auto Route to RR
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (Research Services) L_RS Gifts of Money
L_RS Gifts of Money Supplemental
L_RS Gifts in Kind
L_RS Gift in Kind Supplemental
Folder Type:  UWS-RS Gifts
L_RS Routing Queue
  Folder Type:
UWS-RS Grants Contracts
L_RS Routing Queue
Folder:  UWS-RS Gifts
L_RS Gift in Kind
L_RS Routing Queue
L_RS Research Poster Print Req L_RS_PBR Create TMA WorkOrder
Senate Office L_Senate.FS Resolution
L_Senate.SAS Resolution
L_Senate Office
Stout Online L_SO Credit Outreach Course Approval
L_SO MOU - Independent Study
L_Forms Larrabee, Barb
Stout Online and
Student Business Services
L_SO Approval Form
L_SBS.Segregated Fee Waiver Form
L_Forms Waivers
Student Business Services L_SBS.Scholarship Grants L_Forms May, Leigh
L_SBS Cash Handling Form L_Forms Bauer, Tracey
School of Education L_SOE Out of Area Placement L_SOE Out of Area Placement
Security Police Services L_SPS Security Camera Agreement L_SPS Security CameraAgreement
   L_SPS Security Camera Install Request
L_SPS Security Camera Install Request
University Foundation L_UF Account Maintenance Form L_Forms Leonard, Kristie
Vice Chancellors Office Drawer starts with:  L_VC L_Forms Shope, Sherri

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