Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Session Toolbar

This document explains the use and operation of the main toolbar inside the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessioni room including the My Settings tool, microphone, web cam, raise hand, chat, attendee list, recording, and session settings.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Session Toolbar

Please note: The recommended browser for use with Collaborate Ultra is Google Chrome.  If you do not have Chrome installed on your computer, you can get if from Software Center.

If you missed the messages about setting up your camera and microphone when you first entered the session, you can still set them up manually.

To get started you will need to be in the Audio and Video Settings area of the My Settings panel, which is inside the Collaborate panel.  To access the Collaborate panel, go to the lower right-hand corner of your screen and click on the purple double arrowhead icon.  Collaborate Panel Opener button 
After the Collaborate panel opens, click on the “Cog Wheel” button to go to the My Settings panel.
My Settings choice on collaborate panel highlighted with box and arrow

In the My Settings panel, click on the arrowhead to open the Audio and Video Settings panel. 
My Settings panel with arrow pointing to opener for audio and video settings

When the Audio and Video Settings panel opens, click where it says, “Set Up your Camera and Microphone.”
audio and video settings panel
The first window that will open is the Audio Test window. Speak into your microphone and see if the purple bar moves on your screen. If it moves when you speak, click on the “Yes - It’s working” button.
audio test box

If you are having difficulty getting the purple bar to appear and move when you speak, open the dropdown menu and check to see if you have another microphone in place. While you have this menu open, choose the microphone that you are trying to use for the session.

Audio test window with dropdown menu opened

After you click the “Yes - It’s working” button, the Video Test window will open. If you can see yourself, click on the “Yes - It’s working” button. If you are not able to see yourself, open the dropdown menu to ensure that you have the correct webcam selected.
Note: Participants on very slow connections may have issues sending and receiving video.

video webcam test window  

 After you complete the audio and video setup, this message will open on your screen. Click where it says "Close" to close the message window.
 Good to go message

When you are in the Audio and Video Settings panel, you may also raise and lower the volume on your speakers and your microphone. If your moderator has enabled it, you may use your telephone for the audio portion of the session. If closed captioning is available, you may also check the box to display the closed captions.

  • Using your telephone only gives you access to the audio portion of the session. It will not give you any of the video. Also, any charges you incur as a result of using your telephone are your responsibility.
  • Collaborate Ultra does not automatically caption sessions. Closed captioning requires the use of one or more people to type the captions as the session runs. Learning Technology Services (LTS) does not provide personnel or funding for closed captioning.

microphone and speaker volume settings

Toolbar Tools

Please note: The recommended browser for use with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is Google Chrome.  If you do not have Chrome installed on your computer, you can get if from Software Center.

When you first enter a Collaborate Ultra session, not all of the tools available to you will be visible. You will, however, see this toolbar at the bottom center of the screen in the virtual session room.

main toolbar at bottom of screen

The leftmost tool on the Main Toolbar is the My Settings tool. When you first see the tool, it will appear as a circle with a generic person image in it. If you need to step away for a few moments, click on the green check mark to set your status as “Away.” This will indicate that you are not currently available.

My Settings Button

For more information on using the My Settings tool, refer to the article on the My Settings tool.

 Inactive/Off  Active/On
The second tool is the microphone. When the microphone is muted, it will appear with a line through it. When it is unmuted it will be highlighted with green. When the microphone is muted, nobody can hear what you say. When it is unmuted, everyone in the session will be able to hear y
Icon showing microphone muted

Icon showing that microphone is on
The next tool is the webcam. When the webcam is off, the button will show a line through the camera icon. When it is on, it will show as being filled with blue. People will only be able to see your webcam feed if you turn it on.
Icon indicating the webcam is off

Icon indicating that webcam is active
Session participants can use the raise hand feature to notify the moderator that they have a question. Before the hand is raised, the icon will just show a hand. After asking their question,the icon will be filled with color and have a red circle with a number inside it. Participants can lower their hand by clicking on the button again. If multiple participants raise their hand, the number in the red circle indicates the order in which they raised their hand. unraised hand icon
raised hand icon

If you would like training or assistance with Collaborate Ultra, please contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.

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