Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - My Settings Tool

This document explains how to use the My Settings tool and associated panels (audio and video settings, notification settings, session settings) in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - My Settings Tool

The My Settings tool in Collaborate Ultra has four main areas. These are the Profile area, Audio and Video Settings panel, Notification Settings panel, and Session Settings panel. You can use these areas to set your profile, set up your camera and microphone, adjust your microphone and speaker volume, choose how you will be notified if certain actions are performed in the session, and to give an deny participants the ability to do certain things within the session.

Please note: The recommended browser for use with Collaborate Ultra is Google Chrome.  If you do not have Chrome installed on your computer, you can get if from Software Center.
The leftmost tool on the Main Toolbar is the My Settings tool. When you first see the tool, it will appear as a circle with a generic person image in it. To set your status and give feedback, click on the green check mark. My settings button
There are several choices in the Status and Feedback menu. If you need to step away from the session, click on the "Away" choice. Use the other choices to give feedback, either when you feel it is necessary or when you are prompted to give feedback by the Moderator.
 status and feedback choices under my settings button
To use the other features of the tool, you must mouse over it and wait until the person icon changes to a wrench icon and you see the My Settings popup. When the button changes, click on it.  my settings button with wrench
You can also access the My Settings Panel by going to the lower right-hand side of the screen, clicking on the purple button with the double arowhead in it and clicking on the "cog wheel" button.
Acessing the My Settings panel via the Collaborate Panel

The My Settings panel will open on the right-hand side of the screen.
My Settings panel with Audio and Video Settings panel and Notification Settings panel both collapsed

The first thing you should do in this area is to mouse over the person icon until it changes to a pencil and then click on it.
   Close up on picture area with generic person changed to pencil icon

This will open the area where you can upload a picture of yourself. If you do not feel comfortable showing a picture of yourself, please consider showing a picture of a pet, a travel destination, or a hobby or interest of yours.

picture upload window

Once you choose a picture, the editing window will open automatically. Move the blue bars in this window to size and crop your photo. When are finished, click the “I Like it” button. This will close the editing window and enable you to click the Save button from the previous window. This is the picture that will now be associated with you in all Ultra meetings. You can change the picture at any time when you are in a session.

The next part of the My Settings Panel is the Audio and Video Settings panel, which can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the arrowhead to the right of the panel name.
   audio and video settings panel

If you have not done so already, you will want to set up your camera and microphone. Start by clicking where it says, "Set Up your Camera and Microphone."

set up microphone and camera

The first window that will open is the Audio Test window. Speak into your microphone and see if the purple bar moves on your screen. If it moves when you speak, click on the “Yes - It’s working” button.

If you are having difficulty getting the purple bar to appear and move when you speak, open the dropdown menu and check to see if you have another microphone in place. While you have this menu open, choose the microphone that you are trying to use for the session.

audio test microphone options

After you click the “Yes - It’s working” button, the Video Test window will open. If you can see yourself, click on the “Yes - It’s working” button. If you are not able to see yourself, open the dropdown menu to ensure that you have the correct webcam selected.
Note: Participants on very slow connections may have issues sending and receiving video.

video test window
If your Modertor has enabled it and you need to use your telephone for audio, you can click where it says "Use your phone for audio." Keep in mind that this will only give you the audio from the session and not any of the video.

Use Phone for Audio

After you click on it, you will see a phone number and PIN number to use. The PIN number it generates is unique and cannot be used by more than one person in a session.
NOTE: Users are responsible for any charges associated with using their phone to connect with the audio portion of a session. 

   Phone number and PIN number for using audio telephony

When you are in the Audio and Video Settings panel, you may also raise and lower the volume on your speakers and your microphone by moving the sliders to the right and left. If closed captioning is available, you may also check the box to display the closed captions.
Note: Collaborate Ultra does not automatically caption sessions. Closed captioning requires the use of one or more people to type the captions as the session runs. Learning Technology Services (LTS) does not provide personnel or funding for closed captioning.

speaker and microphone volume settings

Notification Settings    

During your session, you may want to be notified if attendees perform certain actions, To choose the things you want to be notified about, and how, open the Notification Settings panel by clicking on the arrow head next to the name.

Notification Settings Panel tab

You can get visual and audio notifications if some joins or leaves a breakout group or the session. When a box has a check mark and is highlighted in green, that function is active. If the box is blank, that function is inactive. In this case, the visual notification is active but the audio notification is not.
   Someone joined or left the breakout group or session

You can also get notifications if someone posts a chat message. This can be helpful if you do not have the Chat panel open when someone posts a message.

Notification Settings if someone posts to a chat

You can select the Closed Captioning option if you have captioner for your virtual session. Learning Technology Services (LTS) does not provide or pay for captioners for sessions.
 Closed Captioning Notification settings

You can also get notifications if someone uses the Raise Hand tool. You may use this to be informed when someone has a question so you can call on them.

notification settings for someone raises their hand

Session Settings    

The Session Settings area enables you to control what participants can and cannot do in the session. To open the Session Settings panel, find the Session Settings tab and then click on the arrowhead to the right of the name.
Session Settings Tab
The choices in the Session Settings panel can be checked and unchecked at any time and as many times as you want during a session. If you check the box titled, "Only show profile pictures for Moderators," no participant profile pictures will be visible.  

Only show profile picures for Moderators check box

If you want participants to be able to use their microphones to speak in the session, you should check the box titled, "Share their audio."

Participants can share their audio check box

Checking the box titled, "Share their video" will enable participants to use their webcams to show their faces in the session.     
Participants can share their video check box

When the box titled, "Post chat messages" is checked, the participants will be able to post text chat messages in the session.

Participants can post chat messages check box

Participants will be able to draw on whiteboard and files if you check the "Draw on whiteboard and files" box.     
Participants can draw on whiteboards and files check box

If you would like training or assistance with Collaborate Ultra, please contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.

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