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VoIP(420HD Phones): Transferring Calls

How to transfer calls using AudioCodes 420HD IP Phone

Two types of call transfers

  • Consultative – Connect second party to a third party after the third party answers and agrees to take call

  • Blind (Fast Transfer) – Connect second party to third party before third party answers

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Consultative Transfer                                                                          

  1. In call press TRANSFER button – Once you hear the dial tone the TRANSFER field appear on the display,  a number can be entered.  Note: The caller (2nd Party) will be put on hold and will hear waiting music

Tranfer Button

    2.  Type in the telephone number using the keypad and press the Dial softkey when it appears in the display

TipAfter number is typed in, pause and the number will be automatically dialed


  TipRefer to Using Directory During Call Transfer section below:

    3.  Once user has agreed to take call press the TRANSFER button again

         OR the softkey under the double bar icon and then select transfer

Double Bar Symbol     Transfer

   4.   Call forwarding will begin (Will take between 5 to 10 seconds).  Note: At this time music will stop for caller that has been on hold.  Scrolling of the caller information on the display will stop during the hand-off

   5.   Wait until your display goes back to home view (example below) where it show you are available to receive calls again, then you can hang-up handset.


There is a slight delay when caller is transferred to the third party because of dual systems.  Pause for 2-3 seconds before greeting.

Blind (Fast) Transfer

  1. While in a call, press the BXfer softkey furthest to the left under the LCD display.
  2. Enter in phone number (just the extension for Stout numbers) and then press TRANSFER key on the right side of the phone.
  3. The number being transferred will display.
  4. When connected you will be disconnected from call and you may hang up.

Using Directory during transfer

  1. In call press TRANSFER button – Once a dial tone is heard, the TRANSFER field will open on the display where a number can be entered.  Note: The caller (2nd party) will be put on hold and will be hearing waiting  music.
  2. Instead of typing in number,  press the softkey under the book icon for call directories


3. Choose the Corporate or Personal Directory by using the navigational control button to move selection up or down.  Once selected press the ok  or the select softkey

DirectoriesNavigation control

    4.  Find the contact you are looking from the list.  Once selected press Dial softkey or ok when highlighted to dial the 3rd party. 


   Note:  The caller (2nd party) that is being transferred will be put on hold at this time.  They will  hearing waiting music during this part of the transfer.


   5.   Go to step 3 above for detailed directions on completing the call transfer. Continue without detailed instruction below

   6.   Press transfer button

   7.  Wait for display to go back to base screen. There will be no number of calls listed

   8.  Hang-up receiver

Phone Manual Directions:

Call transfer can also be found in the advanced section of the phone manuals; section 7.5 for 420 model and section 6.5 for the 440 model

AudioCodes 420HD IP Phone Manual

AudioCodes 440HD IP Phone Manual

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