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VoIP - Call Directory

How to call a user from the corporate or personal call directories on VoIP phone

Corporate Directory:

  1. Press the book softkey on display

Directory Softkey

    2.  Choose the corporate directory

Corportate Directory

     3.  By default search is set with T9.  Change to ABC by clicking on the A/a/1 softkey

Choose lettters

      4. Start typing in the letters for your search

          Directory Search

    5.  When you have the user highlighted select the Dial softkey

The directory lists all active email accounts at UW-Stout.

*Emeriti and retired faculty and staff will show up in the Corporate directory because they are part of the global email directory - They can not be contacted because they do not have a phone assigned to them.

Personal Directory: (Maximum 1000 Personal Contacts)

Dialing from Personal Directory

  1. Follow the directions above; except choose personal instead of corporate directory

Personal Directory

     2. Highlight and select the contact using the navigation control key to move up and down and the ok to select the contact

Navigation Control   Select User

    3. Press the Dial softkey to initiate a call from your personal directory.

Adding Contacts in Personal directory

  1. Highlight "+ new contact"

Add Contact

2.  Type in Name of Contact with number keys

Add Name

3. Use Navigation control to arrow down to Office and type in the 4 digit extension for a Stout number or the 10 digit number for an outside number

Navigation Control  Add Number

4.  Click Save and contact will be added

Edit or Delete Contacts in Personal directory

  1. Navigate to the personal directory and highlight the contact
  2. Press the Details softkey and the edit or delete options for contact will appear in the display
  3. Follow display prompts to edit or delete

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