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VoIP - Invalid address, username or password on VoIP phone

VoIP phone displays the invalid address, username or password

When campus password is changed Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) client which is the application that establishes the link between VoIP phone and computer (Skype for Business) expires.  

Bad password

To re-establish the connection or link with the new password follow the directions below:

Re-authenticate/Connect Skype for Business to desk phone after a password change:

  1. Click "OK" or "Cancel" on VoIP phone display message
  2. Now on computer quit the Outlook application (if open)
  3. Verify the Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) client is running in the system tray
    how to verify and launch the BToE client
  4. Once BToE is running, sign out of Skype for Business (If Skype for Business is not running, skip to step 5)
    a. Go to the Gear icon and click the drop down menu arrow
    b. Click on File menu
    c. Click on
    Sign Out

    Skype Sign Out

  5. Wait 5 seconds and then click the Sign In button on Skype for Business
    Sign In
  6. If Skype for Business was not running, go to Start menu and search for and launch Skype for Business

    NOTE: Must be Skype for Business, if you are running, Skype, sign out and exit.

  7. Once Skype for Business application is running and/or signed back button is clicked. Login in with username and new password when prompted

    Window should appear to connect to Skype for Business account to the desk phone.

    Example below:

  8. If you do not see the screen above, check that it isn't hiding behind other windows. If the screen above is not displayed, go to step 3 or step 9

  9. Log in with credentials and click ok, "Invalid address, username or password" should disappear from phone display.  If it does not go to next step

    Phone will also display following symbol


  10. Power down phone and then go to step 1
    A.  Pull power cord and/or ethernet cable for from phone and leave powered off for 10 seconds before repower
    B.  Reboot computer 

    If  the prompt to log in to Skype for Business to connect to your desk phone does not appear after several attempts, please contact the help desk for more assistance

Other Troubleshooting Steps:

Problem: Login Information window keeps popping up


  1. Reboot Computer
  2. Re-enter new password again when prompted
  3. Make sure the correct password is being used by verifying on the password page.
  4. If password is still failing power cycle VoIP phone by pulling power adapter from back of phone and waiting for 10 seconds
  5. If prompted again put in correct password
  6. Contact the help desk for more assistance

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