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The Dropbox tool enables you to set up dropbox folders for each assignment; associate dropbox folders with grade items, rubrics, and competency structures; and restrict access to dropbox folders by date and time, group membership, or special access permissions. Each folder allows you to see users' submission times, download submissions to your computer, view submissions on the Leave Feedback page, and return submissions with grades and feedback.

Create a Dropbox Folder

Click on the dropbox option on the tool bar. 

dropbox on toolbar

On the dropbox folder page, click new folder.
new dropbox folder button
Fill in the Name and other desired fields. 

Image of the new dropbox folder properties tab

Select a Folder Type
  • Individual submission folder: Select this if you want each user to have their own submission
  • Group submission folder: Select this if you want one submission per group. You must associate the folder with a Group Category. 
Select a Category from the drop-down list if you want to assign a category. You can click New Category to create a new one.

Associate the dropbox folder with a Grade Item if you want submissions tied to an item in your grade book. Click the New Grade Item link to create a new grade item for the dropbox folder.

Enter a value for the Out Of field for the assignment score. 

TIP: if you associate the folder with a single grade item, maintain consistency for your students by matching the value of the Out Of field to the grade item's Max. Points value. 

Add instructions for users, you may also attach a file such as a video recording or audio recording.

Select the submission options you want.

Click Save. 

Other Tips for Dropbox:

Enabling Turnitin Originality Checking

When you enable Turnitin originality checking on the Turnitin tab the more options in Turnitin button becomes active. Here you can enable detailed Originality Reports for dropbox submissions and adjust options that control end user visibility and report frequency.

New Dropbox Turnitin tab

Originality Reports

View Originality Reports from the Folder Submissions page. When the Originality Report is ready, the status changes from In-progress to a percentage, indicating the amount of matching content. A lower percentage rating indicates that most of the content is original; a higher percentage rating indicates that much or all of the content matches content found in other sources and may require further investigation. The percentage ranges are associated with colors: 

Blue: >= 0 and < 20%
Green: >= 20 and < 40%
Yellow: >= 40 and < 60%
Orange: >= 60 and < 80%
Red: >= 80 and <= 100% 

Click the colored section beside the percentage rating to view the associated Originality Report. 

Using Online Markup to grade file submissions

If Originality Checking is enabled, you can use Online Markup to add comments to uploaded files, directly from the Dropbox tool. To do so, go to the Folder Submissions page and click the Online Markup icon beside an applicable file submission. The Online Markup interface opens and you can add your comments and corrections. 

The following file types are compatible with originality checking and online markup: MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, Acrobat PDF, HTML, RTF, Plain Text

Managing Dropbox Folder Submissions

Restrict the number of the files allowed per submission 

On the New Folder or Edit Folder page, go to the Submission Options section in the Properties tab to select one of the following Files allowed per submission options:
  • Unlimited
  • One file Per Submission
Click Save.

Change how subsequent file submissions are handled

On the New Folder or Edit Folder page, go to the Submission Options section in the Properties tab to select one of the following submissions options: 
  • Keep all submissions
  • Overwrite submissions
  • Only one submission allowed
Click Save.

Setting Dropbox Folder Availability and Due Dates

Set availability dates for dropbox folder 

  1. On the Dropbox Folder page, click  edit folderfrom the context menu in front of the folder you want to set an availability
  2. In the Restrictions tab, select Has start date and has end date.
  3. Set the start and end dates using the provided fields. 
  4. Click Save and Close

Setting Release Conditions 

Release conditions allow you to associate a dropbox folder with other items in Learning Environment. For example, you can require that users meet some criteria, such as reading a set of lecture notes in the Content tool, before they can submit their work to a dropbox folder. Or, you can make submission to the dropbox folder a criteria for accessing another item, such as a quiz.

  1. On the Dropbox Folder page, click edit folderfrom the context menu of the folder you want to set restrictions for. 
  2. Click on the Restrictions Tab.
  3. In the Release Conditions section, click either  attach existing  or  create and attach.
  4. Select from the drop-down list if All conditions must be met or Any condition must be met to access the dropbox folder. 
  5. Click  remove all conditions  to delete the conditions. 
  6. Click Save and Close. 

Adding Special Access

Special Access allows you to set different availability dates and times for specific users. 
  1. On the Dropbox Folder page, click edit folderfrom the context menu of the folder you want to set restrictions for. 
  2. Click on the Restrictions Tab.
  3. special access
  4. Chose one of the options above and click Add Users to Special Access.
  5. On the Special Access Page, select the Date Availability you want the special access users to have. 
  6. Use the View By option and Search For field to locate the users you want to give special access to.
  7. Select the check box beside each appropriate user's name.
  8. Click Save

Viewing Dropbox Folder File Submissions 

The Dropbox Folders page provides a summary of the Total Files, Unread Files, Flagged Files, and Due Date for each dropbox folder. Click on a folder to navigate to its Folder Submissions page to view submitted files.

You can also access users' folder submission history from the Evaluate Submission page if they have submitted at least one file to the folder. A submission history enables you to quickly view a list of all files a student has submitted including:
  • deleted files
  • re-submitted files
  • every submission's date and time
  • an indication that the student has read the comments and feedback for a submission
  • comments left by the student

View files using the Folder Submissions page

Do one of the following:

  • On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the folder you want to view submissions for.
  • On a folder's Edit Folder page, click Folder Submissions from the context menu beside the page heading.
  1. Use the Users tab or Files tab to view and search submissions by user or file name. Searching by User enables you to search by first name, last name, submissions, and feedback. Searching by Files enables you to search by file name, submission date, read status, and flagged status.
  2. Enter criteria in the Search For field to narrow the list of submissions in your search.

View folder submission history

  1. On the Folder Submissions page, click the Evaluate link beside the name of the user you want to view a history of.
  2. On the Evaluate Submission page, click Folder Submission History.
  3. You can select a different folder from the Folder drop-down list if a user submitted files to other dropbox folders within the course.

Restoring Deleted Dropbox Folders

  1. On the Dropbox Folder page, click Event Log from the More Actions button.
  2. Click Restore beside the folder you want to create. 
Note: If your dropbox folder has availability dates associated with it, when you restore the folder, you also restore its dates in the Calendar. 

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