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ImageStout - Re-install ImageNow Printer

We will explain how to re-install the ImageNow Printer when you see the following symptoms: Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Reader or Pro are hanging and not responding with trying to print to ImageNow.

We will start with re-installing the ImageNow printer, this has about an 85% success rate.

Reinstalling the ImageNow Printer

  1. Right-click this file:   reinstall_inowPrinter.exe

  2. Select Save As and save it to the desktop:

  3. Go to your desktop and right click on the "reinstall_inowPrinter.exe" file and chose "Run as administrator"

  4. Click yes to the "User Control" message.

  5. You may see this message next, if so, click on "More Info"
  6. Then Choose "run anyway"

* The process is very fast and you should see a small box on the upper left hand side of your screen - this is re-installing the ImageNow printer, if you don't see the little box flash a couple of times, then you may want to run the process one more time before restarting your computer.  *

Then you will see the following dialog box, close all applications and restart your computer and check ImageNow printing functionality.

Uninstalling the ImageNow Printer then reinstall

Second attempt - sometimes removing the ImageNow Printer and re-installing works, here are the instructions for this.

Let's remove the ImageNow printer and then follow the above steps to re-intall the ImageNow printer. 

  1. To remove the ImageNow Printer, go to Settings and open Devices:

  2. In Devices, open Printers and Scanners, choose the ImageNow printer, and choose Remove Device:

  3. If prompted, select Yes.

  4. Restart your computer and then go to your desktop and right click on the reinstall_inowPrinter.exe file and chose "Run as administrator"

Removing the ImageNow Client
  1. If this process doesn't work, then the ImageNow Client needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

  2. Remember to back up the inscan.xml file which contains your "printing into ImageNow options".    57086

  3. To uninstall the ImageNow Client right-click the Start menu and choose Programs and Features.

  4. Highlight Perceptive Content Desktop Client and choose Uninstall, once the client has uninstalled, then restart your computer before re-installing.

  5. Restart your computer

To re-install the ImageNow Client please go here:  ImageStout - Install ImageNow Client 7

If you cannot find a solution to your imagenow issue click here to create a ticket

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