Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Session Setup

This document explains how to set up a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session in Canvas.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Setup 

Instructors at UW-Stout have access to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Ultra is a browser-based web conferencing tool and can be accessed through Canvas. Since it is browser-based, it does not have any Java requirements. Chrome is the preferred browser for use with Ultra as it provides the fullest functionality with the tools.

Enter your Canvas course. Once you are in it, click on the Settings tab on the Navigation bar on the left side of the screen. 

In the Settings menu, choose the Navigation link.

Drag the Collaborate Ultra tab up to the visible Course Navigation group, and click Save. This will add Collaborate Ultra to your Navigation bar.

Click on the Collaborate Ultra tab on the Navigation bar.

The Sessions area will open:

initial sessions area

Click on the Create Session button to begin creating a session.

create session button

A new panel will open for setting up your session. Start by entering a name for your session.

Enter name for session

Guest Access
  • Guest role menu:  Choose whether participants will enter the meeting as participants, presenters, or moderators. 
  • Guest link field:  Shows the URL of the session and the icon to the right enables you to copy the guest link. This link can be sent to people outside of the course (such as guest presenters) to allow them to enter the session without being enrolled in the course, 

guest access options area

Event Details
Choose the start and end date of your session. If you want an ongoing session, check the box that says, No End (Open Session).

Event Details window

If you want to have a recurring session, check the Repeat Session button. In the area that opens, you can choose to have the session repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose the daily, weekly, or monthly frequency. For example, if you choose Repeat Weekly, you can choose Every Week, Every Two Weeks, and so on.

The circles are for the days of the week. The day of the week for when your repeat session starts will be highlighted in green.

You can set the session to end after a certain number of occurrences or on a certain date.

Rpeat session details window

Further down in the New Session window you can determine how early you want to allow participants to enter the session. If you want your session to have a description, click where it says, “Add a description” and type one in. 

early access area and link  for description entry

Click on the Session Settings tab. 
  • The Default Participant Role menu enables you to change the role of the participants entering the meeting. 
  • The Recording options allow you to do the following:
    • The Allow recording downloads box it will allow participants to download recordings of the session. 
    • The Anonymize chat messages box all participants to be able to send anonymous chat messages to the chat area.  
  • The Moderator Permissions allows you to change settings for profile pictures.

top part os session settings area

Participant Options
If you keep the Participant Permissions checked, participants will be able to use the audio and video tools to share their audio and video, chat via text, and draw on whiteboards and files. 

Enable Session Telephony: Users will be able to use their phone to get audio from the session.
NOTE: Learning Technology Services (LTS) does not pay for any phone charges incurred by users who use their phones for session audio. Users are responsible for paying their own charges if calling in by phone.

Private Chat Options:
  • Participants can only chat privately with moderators: Participants will be able to chat privately with the moderators, but not with other participants. 
  • Moderators supervise all private chats: Attendees will be able to chat privately with each other, but moderators will be able to see the contents of their chat messages. 
If there are any features that you do not want participants to have, uncheck the box for that feature. You can change these permissions from within your session, and as many times as you like.

Click the Save button at the bottom when you are finished.

save button

After you click the Save button, the session you set up should be visible in your list of sessions. 

new meeting name appears in sessions list

If you wish to launch or delete a session or edit the settings, click on the circle with the three dots in it to the far right-hand side of the session name.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit your session.
  • Click on View reports to view reports about your session, 
  • Click on the trash icon can to delete the session. 
  • Click on Copy guest link to copy the link to share with guests.
session options menu open

Things to Keep in Mind:
  • You can set up multiple session rooms in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, so there is no need to try to use one session room for everything in your course.
  • It is easier to set up one ongoing room for things that you intend to use often, such as office hours.
  • You can promote and demote participants at any time during the session, and as many times as you want.
  • It is not advisable to promote anyone to Moderator status unless they are an actual moderator for the session. The Presenter status is sufficient for those who just need to present.
If you would like training or assistance with Collaborate Ultra, please contact the LTS Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.

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