Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Using the Chat Tool as a Participant

This article explains how participants can use the text chat tool in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Using the Chat Tool as a Participant 

In a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, you can send text chat messages if the moderator has allowed it as part of the session settings.  Chrome is the preferred browser for use with Ultra as it provides the fullest functionality with the tools. To get started, launch your Chrome browser.

In order to send chat messages, you must open the Chat panel, which is located under the Collaborate panel. To access the Collaborate panel, go to the lower right-hand corner of your screen and click on the purple double arrowhead icon. 

Collaborate Panel opener button

The first time you open the Collaborate panel, it will open the Chat panel by default. The Collaborate panel also gives access to the Attendees list, the Share Content area, the My Settings area, and the Close Panel button. You can tell which of the tools you are using because its color will change to purple.

collaborate panel toolbar

At the top of the Chat Window, you will see your choices for chatting in the session. If you want to send a message to everyone in the session click on the Everyone tab. 

chat choices

This will open an area for you to type in your message. To enter your message, type in the area labeled Say something.

message entry area

You will be able to see the message before you send it. When you are ready, click on the Enter key on your keyboard to send the message.

chat entry area with message

If you wish to, you can add an emoticon before sending by clicking on the triangle to the right of the smiley face and then clicking on the emoticon you wish to add to your message.

Emoticons window

If you want to send a private message to someone, start by entering their name in the window where it says, "Find someone to chat with." In some cases, you may not even need to type their whole name. Once you see the name you want, click on it to start a private chat with that person.

search for participant

Before you begin chatting, pay attention to any indicators below the name of the person. If the chat is listed as "supervised" it means that anyone with Moderator status can see everything in your private chats.

supervised chat indicator

When you are ready, go to the bottom of the Chat panel and type in your message. 

message typed in

If you send a private chat to someone, they will see your private message in their Chat area. To reply to your chat the first time, they will have to click on the chat message, which will open a private chat panel.

message shows in recipient's chat area

When a moderator opens the Chat Panel, they will see any private channels and who is in them. They can then click on that channel to see all of the messages typed in that channel.

moderator view of private chat

To return to the main Chat area, click on the arrowhead to the left of the other person's name. In this image, the arrowhead is indicated by the green circle.

return to main chat area

If you are chatting to everyone (all the people in the session's virtual room) you can return to the main Chat area by clicking on the arrowhead to the left of the word, "Everyone."

return from chat to everyone

Some things to Keep in Mind:
  • The messages you send using the "Everyone" area in Chat tool are not private. They will be seen by everyone in the session.
  • If the moderator records the session, any chats you send will be recorded and they will be viewable in the recording.
  • Anyone with moderator status can view your private chat if it has the "supervised" message. Only moderators can disable this feature.
  • You will only see messages that are sent after you enter the session. You will not see any messages that were sent before you entered the session.

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