Learn@UW-Stout -- Account Settings

In the account settings instructors can modify their settings to work better with the course.

Account Settings

account settings tab

Font Settings

In the font settings you can change the font to whatever font you would like, and you can also change the size of it. 

font settings

Dialog Setting

You should change modal dialogs to pop-ups if a) you primarily view the website on a small device, b) you primarily view the website with style sheets disabled, or c) you use an assistive technology (such as a screen reader, screen magnifier or voice software) that benefit from simpler page designs.

dialog settings

HTML Editor Settings

The HTML editor enables you to enter text and HTML in the system. It has many additional rich text features. If you use assistive technology such as screen readers, some of these features might be difficult to navigate.

html editor

Reading Content

Some tools automatically mark content as read as you scroll it into view. If you use an assistive technology such as a screen reader then you may wish to disable this feature by checking the box below.

reading content

Video Settings

This setting ensures assistive technologies can detect videos. As a consequence, videos will overlap menus. It does not influence the accessibility of specific players.

video settings

Time Zone

You can set your preferred time zone, which will show all of your times with dates in that time zone.
time zone
Application Settings

Click the Revoke Access button to force all your applications to renew their authentication. How does application authentication work?

Applications can access the system on your behalf if you are authenticated. You can revoke this authentication by clicking the Revoke Access button in your Account Settings. Applications must then prompt you to authenticate again before accessing the system or your information.

revoke access

Binder Settings 

What is Binder?

binder button


discussion settings

Personal Settings

Display Settings

The Always show the Discussions List pane option will pin the discussions list pane in the view topic and view thread pages.
The display deleted posts option deletes the posts when browsing topics. 
personal settings

Grid View

Selecting this option will pin the Discussions List pane in the View Topic and View Thread pages.

Reading View

Selecting this option will display the discussion posts in Reading View, where the entire text of a post displays for all posts.

default view

Reply Settings

Selecting this option includes the original post by default when composing a reply.

reply settings

Subscription Settings

You have the option when creating a new thread, subscribe to the thread by default.

subscription settings

Org Sync Settings

Default Rating Scheme

Your selection will automatically display in Rate Posts drop-down list on the New Topic page and will automatically apply to imported course components. The options you could choose would be no ratings, five star rating scheme, up-vote/down-vote rating scheme, and up-vote rating scheme only.

Grid View Settings

Default Threading Styles
Unthreaded: The default threading style used when accessing topics

Display Settings
Show the preview pane: This option displays the lower preview pane in the grid view. if this option is not selected, clicking on a post in the grid view will open the post in a pop-up window.
Show the search bar: Selecting this option displays the Search fields in the Grid View.

Post ID
This option displays the Post ID for the posts in the Grid View. 

Character Limits
Limit the number of characters of the subject to display in the post.

Subject Characters to Display
Enter the desired number into the box.



Email Options
Check the box if you want a copy of each outgoing message to your email.

If you want an email signature, type it in and press Save.

Display Options
Check the box for show external email addresses in the address book if desired.

Click save and close to exit account settings.

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