Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Using the Chat Tool as a Moderator

This article explains how to use the Chat tool in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra as a Moderator

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Using the Chat Tool as a Moderator 

Note: Google Chrome is the recommended browser for use with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

The Chat tool in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra enables moderators and participants to use text chats as part of the session. The ability for participants to use the Chat tool is dependent on the moderator. The moderator can choose to give or remove the ability for participants to use the Chat tool at any time during the session and as many times as necessary to meet the goals of the session.

To access the Chat tool, you must open the Collaborate Panel. To open the Collaborate Panel go to the lower right-hand corner of your screen and click on the purple button with the double arrowhead in it.

button to open collaborate panel

The first time you open the Collaborate Panel, it will open the Chat panel by default. The Collaborate Panel also gives access to the Participants list, Sharing area, and My Settings area. You can tell which tool you are using because its color will change to purple. 

Collaborate panel tools with chat tool highlighted

The Chat feature enables participants to communicate in the session using text. To get started, first choose if you wish to chat with moderators or everyone in the session room. Then open that chat by clicking the arrowhead to the right of the channel name.

moderator can choose to chat with everyone or other moderators

Next, type your message in the window where it says, “Say something.” 

chat message area with message, "hello everyone"

Then, if you wish to, you can add an emoticon by clicking on the triangle to the right of the smiley face and then clicking on the emoticon you wish to add to your message. 

Emoticons panel with emoticons that can be added to text chat messages

If you wish to return to the main Chat area, click on the arrowhead to the left of the channel name, which will be located at the top of the Chat panel.

click arrowhead at top to go back

If you would like to chat with particular participant, go to the main Chat area and then go to the top of the Chat panel where it says, "Find someone to chat with."

find someone to chat with window

Start typing in the name of the participant with whom you would like to chat. You may be able to find the participant without typing in their complete name.

searching for participant to chat with

When you are setting up your session, you have the ability to decide if your participants will have the ability to chat privately. If you check the box labeled, Participants can only chat privately with moderators your participants will not be able to chat privately with one another unless one of them is a moderator. If you check the box labeled, Moderators supervise all private chats your attendees will be able to chat privately, but anyone in moderator role can see what is in their chats.

session settings - private chats

If you have allowed private chats and chose to supervise those chats, you will see conversations in the Supervised Channels area of the main Chat panel. To see the contents of the supervised chats, click on the arrowhead to the right of the chat listing.

suprvised chat channels

Once you click on the arrowhead for a supervised chat, you will see all the messages sent in that chat.

suprevised chat inprogress

To give or take away the ability for participants to use the Chat tool, you must go to the My Settings tab in the Collaborate Panel. The My Settings tab looks like a cog wheel.

collaboate tool panel with my settings tool highlighted

Once you are in the My Settings panel, open the Session Settings panel by clicking on the arrowhead inside the My Settings panel.

my settings area with arrow pointing to session settings

When you are in the Session Setting panel, locate the box titled, Post chat messages. If you check this box, participants will be able to send text messages via the Chat tool. If you uncheck the box, participants will not be able to use the Chat tool. You can check and uncheck this box as many times and as often as you need to meet your session goals.

session settings panel with arrow pointing to "post chat messages" option

Things to Keep in Mind
  • The ability to post chat messages may be useful if you have a student whose microphone is not working.
  • If you wish to have a chat with other moderators  be certain to choose "Moderators." If you send a chat message and the "Everyone" choice is selected, all session participants will see the message.
  • The Chat tool is a great way for participants to pose questions without interrupting the presenter.
  • You can allow and disallow the use of the Chat tool at any time, and as many times as you want.
  • If you are supervising private chats, you may want to mention that at the start of your session so participants are aware that you can view their private chats.
If you would like training or assistance with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, please contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.

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