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The Progress Tool is a great way to see how much students are participating in a course. It shows their grades, how much content they view, how many discussions they read and reply to, their dropbox submissions, quizzes taken, and much more.

Progress Tool

To get to the student progress tool, click on the other tools tab. Select the option "Classlist".


Click on the arrow next to the desired students name.

student name with arrow

Select the view progress option.

progress tool


The summary shows an overall of the students activity in the course. 
It shows a summary of Grades, Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Quizzes, Checklist, Surveys and Login History.

summary tab

Note: When clicking on these different tabs on the left hand column, the progress tool will go into more detail about the progress within these specific tools.


Selecting the grades tab allows you to see the progress of each assignment, in detail.

grades tab

This shows all of the assignments, when they were last modified, and how many points they acquired for each one.

grades progress


Selecting the content tab allows you to see how much progress they have made with each of the modules.

content tab

In the content tab you can see how many times they visited your content, how much time they spent, and how many topics they visited. You can also tell when they visited it.

content progress


Selecting the discussions tab will show you more in-depth about each discussion the student participated in.

discussions tab

The discussions tab will show you how many posts they read, how many threats they created and how many replies they have posted.
Each discussions post can also be expanded by hitting the down arrow next to topic to view more in-depth about each topic they participated in.

discussion progress


Selecting the dropbox tab will show you the progress of the student regarding dropboxing assignments.

dropbox tab

You can then see how many submissions they have turned in, how many were late, and how many are awaiting grades from you.

dropbox progress
Clicking the details arrow will show you the assignment they dropboxed.

details arrow dropbox


Selecting the Quizzes tab will show you more in-depth about the students quiz activity.

quizzes tab

The Quizzes tab will show how many quizzes have been completed and how many attempts are awaiting a grade.

quizzes progress
Clicking the Details arrow will show you information about their attempts, clicking on those attempts will show you their quizzes.
quizzess attempts progress


Selecting the Checklist tab will show you how many of the checklists have been completed in detail.

checklist tab

The Checklist Progress shows how many checklists have been completed and how many items have been completed.

checklist progress


Selecting the survey tab will show you how many surveys they have completed in detail. 

surveys tab

survey progress

Login History

Selecting the Login History tab shows more in detail about the students login history.

login history tab

Login History Progress shows how many logins they have had in the last 30 days, it shows when they last accessed the course, and when they last accessed the system.

login history progress

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