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Networking Printing: Print or Copy Codes Explained

Understanding the use of print or copy codes when using a campus network printer

A print code and a copy code are essentially the same thing on Lanier/Richoh campus network printers.  
Codes can only be requested by the college or departmental administrators.
A print code and copy code are the same thing

There are two ways to implement print/copy codes.  It is very important to understand the difference.

Soft-code usage:
  • End user does not require print code to print
  • End user does not require copy code to copy 
Codes exist in the printer's address book, but have not been entered in printer preferences for tracking.  Print counts will not be accurate to the code but users will be able to install printer and print without code (preferred)

Hard or locked code usage:
  • End user requires  a code to copy
  • End user requires a code in printer preferences on computer to print
  • End user requires a code at printer to access copy feature

Codes exist in the address book and are required to print and copy.  There are no exceptions which cause many issues for individual users in the departments. Codes are only recommended when two departments are sharing the cost of a printer.  Individual codes create more confusion for end users and department associates because LIT does not officially support print/copy codes.

PRINTER CODES DISCLAIMER:  Printer codes are requested and deployed on printers by the department that leases or owns the printer.  Departments must request to use this option.  Printer/Copy codes are the responsibility of the department to manage and maintain. LIT will only facilitate the addition of codes to the address book of printer through a request in a help desk ticket. LIT does not encourage the use of codes, especially an individual code for every user in a department, but understands the need to control the cost of printing.  If your department chooses to use print codes, it must be understood that it is the department's responsibility to manage codes and inform users of their codes. 

LIT will provide the following support

1. Documentation on how request codes are to be added to the printer
2. Documentation and instruction for the end user to enter in their code
3. Basic troubleshooting assistance with printer codes

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