Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - FAQ

This document answers some frequently asked questions about Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Q: Which browser I should use for my sessions?
A: Google Chrome is the recommended browser for use with Collaborate Ultra. You may be able to enter sessions using other browsers, but Google Chrome gives the most functionality.

Q: Can I record the sessions I hold in Collaborate Ultra?
A: Yes, if you are a session moderator, you can record your session by opening the Session Menu in the upper left-hand corner of the interface and clicking on the Start Recording button.

Q: Can participants and presenters record Collaborate Ultra sessions?

A: No, only moderators can record sessions. If a session has been recorded, participants and presenters can view the recordings after they are available.

Q: Can people use their phone to attend a session?
A: If the moderator allows it when they set up the session, people will be able to call in with their phone. However, this will only give them access to the audio portion of the session.

Q: Can participants send private messages to each other using the Chat tool?
A: Yes, but it should be remembered that moderators can see the content of private chats sent between attendees.

Q: I see that there is a closed captioning feature. Does that mean that sessions are captioned automatically?
A: No. To use the closed captioning feature, you will need to hire your own captioner and give them the role of Captioner in the session.

Q: Can people not enrolled in my course attend a session?
A: Yes. You can allow other people, such as guest speakers, into the session by sending them the session URL in an email.

Q: Is there an app for users who wish to attend using a device other than their computer?
A: There is an app called Bb Student for Apple, Google, and Android devices but it is not currently supported by UW System. 

Q: Can I have a session that starts at the same time every week?
A: Yes. When you are setting up a session, you have the choice of choosing a recurring session. Using that feature, you can set up a recurring meeting and choose the interval of recurrence that works best for you.

Q: Can I have a meeting that anyone can enter at any time for the whole semester?
A: Yes. You may create a session with no end date. You can make this choice when you are creating a session.

Q: Can I use this to have my students give their presentations?
A: Yes. You can promote one or more students to the role of Presenter, which would allow them to upload files and show them to everyone in the session. You can also demote them back to the Participant role when they are finished.

Q: Can participants download a recording?
A: Sometimes. Participants can always view a recording. For them to be able to download the recording to their computer, the moderator must enable that feature.

Q: If I have a session and want participants to work in small groups for a few minutes, is there a way to do that?
A: Yes, you can use the Breakout Groups feature to divide participants into small groups. When participants are placed in breakout groups, the session audio will split automatically so they only hear the audio of the other participants in their breakout group.

Q: If I'm recording a session and then use the breakout groups, will it record what happens in the breakout groups?
A: No. Actions and audio from within the breakout groups are not recorded.

Q: If a participant leaves their microphone open after speaking, can I turn it off?
A: Yes. You can mute the microphone of one participant or all participants. This will "mute" their microphones, but will not prevent them from reopening their microphones.

Q: What should I do if I don't want participants to be able to use their microphones at all?
A: In this case, you would go to your session settings and uncheck the box that enables them to share their audio. You can also turn off the ability for them to share their video, use the text chat tool, and to mark on whiteboard slides and shared files.

Q: How soon can I review my recordings after my session?
A: The time it takes for your recordings to appear varies based on the length of the recording and the traffic on the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra servers. Recordings usually appear within 48 hours or less. If your recording has not appeared after 72 hours, please contact Learning Technology Services.

Q: Can I post a recording in my Learn@UW-Stout (D2L) course?
A: Yes. As a moderator, you can always download your recordings. After downloading your recording, you can upload it to your My Media library and share it from there. Your LTS Instructional Technology Consultant can help you with this process.

Q: How many participants can I have in a session?
A: At present, you can have up to 500 participants in a session. If you plan to have a session with more than 250 participants, please contact Learning Technology Service at least one week before the session. 

Q: How many participants can share their video at the same time?
A: Everyone in your session can share their video at the same time, but only the five most active participants will be shown at any given time.

Q: What different formats can I choose when downloading a recording?
A: Recordings only download in the MP4 format. If you need to have the recording in a different format, you will need to convert it after downloading.

Q: If I have a PowerPoint with animations in it, will they show when I share them?
A: If you share your PowerPoint slides using "Share Files" the animations will not show. If you share them using "Share Application" the animations will show.

Q: Which participants should I promote to the moderator role?
A: You should only give the moderator role to people who are actually helping you moderate the session. The participant and presenter roles are sufficient for those participants who are not actively moderating the session.

Q: Should I add a picture to my profile?
A: Yes. Having a picture helps participants to get a mental image of you are and can be used when webcam video is not being shown. If you do not want to share a picture of yourself, consider using a picture of a pet, hobby, or favorite travel destination.

Q: When I'm using the break out groups, can I move from group to group?
A: Yes. As the moderator, you can easily move from group to group. You can also allow participants to move to different groups if you wish to.

Q: Who should I contact if I want training or assistance in using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?
A: You can contact your college's consultant at Learning Technology Services (LTS). Contact

Q: I would like all the students in my course to learn to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Can someone from LTS train my entire class at one time?
A: Yes. Your college's consultant at Learning Technology Services can train your entire class at one time.

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