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Turnitin is a grading tool that allows instructors to check for plagiarism in a student's Dropbox submissions.

Setting Up Turnitin
Instructors can access Turnitin by editing/creating a Dropbox folder and clicking on the Turnitin tab.

The turnitin tab on the screen for editing a dropbox folder

Note: In order to enable Turnitin, a Dropbox folder's name must have at least three characters.

The Turnitin tab allows instructors to alter the settings for Turnitin. Instructors can decide:
  • Whether or not to enable Turnitin
  • Whether students can see the result of their originality check
  • Whether Turnitin checks all of the submissions in the Dropbox folder, or only some of them

The Turnitin settings page

The More Options button will cause a pop-up to appear when clicked. Instructors can alter a variety of settings from the page that appears; such as the title in Turnitin, the number of points, the due date, whether or not to allow any file type to be submitted, and a variety of optional settings.

It Should be noted that the start and end dates for Turnitin work slightly differently than they do in D2L
Table of Start and End dates

The Turnitin start date will always either be the start date set for the Dropbox folder, or the current date if no start date was set. The end date, however, is automatically set for 1-2 weeks plus 24 hours after the start date if no end date is set for the Dropbox folder. If an end date was set, Turnitin will still take submissions for another 24 hours after the Dropbox end date has passed.

 The Turnitin start and end dates will update whenever the Dropbox start and end dates are changed, so it is recommended that instructors check their start and end dates if they are having trouble submitting things to Turnitin. The start and end dates for Turnitin can be viewed under the "More Options in Turnitin" button while editing the document.

Using Turnitin

Dropbox folders will have an icon next to their name. In order to access the Turnitin tool, the instructor will have to view the Dropbox folder's submissions

View Submissions option in Dropbox

If the instructor scrolls down on the user's tab of the Folder Submission page, they will see a list of the students and the assignments that they have turned in to the folder.

The Turnitin similarity interface

The percentage sign shows roughly how much of the student's writing that the Turnitin system was able to identify being from other documents in the Turnitin database. Clicking on the percentage will open the Turnitin Document Viewer. 

When the Turnitin Document Viewer opens, the paper submitted by the student will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and the similarity checking tools will be on the right side of the screen. Above the similarity checking tools, the instructor can switch between  the papers that were sent to the Dropbox folder.
Similarity checking tools

The Match Overview is the tool that is open by default. The Match Overview will show what percentage of the student's writing was similar to other sources. Clicking on one of the bars will cause the view of the student's writing to scroll the the passage of writing and highlight it. 

Below the Match Overview panel are buttons  that activate the other tools. From left to right, they are: All Sources, Filters and Settings, and Excluded Sources. The All Sources button will display every source that contains part of the student's writing. Instructors can filter out sources such as quotations or bibliographies, as well as sources that are less than a particular size. The Excluded Sources button will show all of the sources that were filtered out by the instructor.

In the upper left corner of the document viewer, the instructor can switch the similarity checking tools with tools that will allow them to make comments on a student's work by selecting the GradeMark button.

Turnitin settings

The Turnitin Document Viewer saves any comments or changes made to the document automatically, so the instructor can move on to the next paper or close the document immediately after they have finished with the current document.

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