Camtasia 9 - Working with Captions

This article gives details about using captions in Camtasia 9

In Camtasia 9, captions can be created by typing them in manually, importing them from a script, importing them from notes on PowerPoint slides, or using the Speech-to-text feature in Camtasia. In the past, captions created in Camtasia were not easily used in My Media. Captions that were set as "closed captions" or "under video" would not appear after being uploaded to My Media. Videos with captions set as "burned in" would show the captions, but they could not be turned off, which was a distraction to some students.

You may still create videos with burned in captions, but you can also export the captions from Camtasia so you can make it possible for students to turn the captions on and off as desired.

The first thing to do is to create, complete, and save your Camtasia project, including the addition of the captions. 

After you have saved your project, open the Captions panel by choosing it from the menu on the left hand side.

Open Captions Panel

Once you have the Captions panel open, click on the cog wheel icon in the panel and choose Export captions. Be certain to make note of where you save this exported file.
It will have the file extension of ".srt" on it.

Export Captions

Next, produce your video by choosing Share from the menu at the top of the Camtasia interface. Under the Share menu, you should choose the "Local File" option.

Choose Local file under the Share Menu

After your video has been produced, open the production folder and ensure that the MP4 file is present.

MP4 file in folder

Now log in to Learn@UW-Stout (D2L/Brightspace) and then go to your course.

Learn@UW-Stout login buttons

Once inside your course, go to the Other Tools menu on the right hand side and click to open it.
In the menu that opens, choose My Media.

My Media chosen from menu

When My Media opens, click the blue "Add New" button.

Add New button

When the menu for that button opens, choose Media Upload.

Media Upload chosen from menu

In the screen that opens, click on the Choose a File to Upload button and then browse for your MP4 file.

Choose a file to upload button

After you have found the file, click to highlight it and then click the Open button.

browsing for file to upload

Your video will be uploaded. 

File upload completion window

When it finishes uploading, click the Save button. After you click on the Save button, click on the link that says Go to My Media.

Save button and Go to My Media link

You should see your video at the top of the list in your My Media Library. Note: It will not show the thumbnail of the video until processing has completed.
Click on the Edit button for your video.

Edit button

In the screen that opens, click on the Captions tab.

Click on Captions tab

Next, click on the Upload Captions File button.

Upload Captions button

After you click the Upload Captions File button, a window will open. Click the browse button to look for the captions file that you exported earlier

Upload Captions dialog box

When you find the captions file you wish to use, click to select it and then click on the Open button.

Choose Captions file

After you have chosen the file, complete the other information in the dialog box. Choose English for the language unless you have reason to use a different language, and enter a label in the label area. When you are finished, click on the Save button.

Upload Captions Dialog box

After clicking the Save button, your captions file will be uploaded. You will be able to see the captions file listed under the Captions tab. Now when you put the video in your course, students will be able to view the captions or turn the captions off if they do not wish to view them.

captions file appears

Things to consider:
  • If you wish to upload your captions file separately, you should not choose "burned in" captions when you produce your video.
  • It is not necessary to remove the captions track in your project in order to upload the captions file.
  • If you need assistance with exporting your captions or showing your video in your course, you may contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college to get help.

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