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Account locked out

Failed login attempts result in account being locked (often follows a password reset)

A number of failed login attempts, determined by the user's Level of Access (LOA), will result in a user's account being locked. A locked state will prevent users from logging into campus (domained) computers, email, and any other systems that utilize campus credentials. If you suspect that your UW-Stout account is locked, perhaps due to too many failed attempts to log in, you can check the status of your account and, if applicable, unlock your account independently from the password site.

Users can unlock their own account by visiting the password reset page (

Repeated lockouts following a password reset

  • Check mobile devices for wifi connections to StoutSecure; forget existing connections and reconnect
  • Check mobile devices for email and Office365 account information; update passwords
  • Check additional computers you may have connected to StoutSecure; disconnect and reconnect (if appropriate)

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