Editing in Camtasia 9

This article explains how to do editing in Camtasia 9

Camtasia 9 is available to UW-Stout faculty and staff at no charge through the Key Server.

PC users should go their Software Center desktop app and install Camtasia 9. Instructions on using software center for PC are located here.

Mac users can use Self Service to install Camtasia 9. Instructions on how to install for a Mac are located here.

Your LTS Instructional Technology Consultant can assist you with downloading the software if you have difficulty.

If you have not made a recording yet, please review the KB article "PowerPoint Narration in Camtasia 9."

Once you have made a recording in Camtasia 9, and decided to edit it, you are ready to go. You should be in the Camtasia Studio editing area when you start. Once you see your recording in the media bin, right-click on it and choose, "Add to Timeline at Playhead" if you do not see it in the timeline already.

media bin in camtasia 9

There are a number of tools that you may find useful.

The Playhead shows your location in the timeline. It is also used for selecting areas of the timeline.


The Zoom tool zooms the view of the timeline. Use the slider or symbols to move left (zoom out) or right (zoom in).

zoom tool

The Lock tool locks a track on the timeline and prevents editing of that track. This tool is very useful when you want to edit a different track without changing the one you have locked

lock tool

The Disable tool disables or hides a track. If a track is left disabled, that track will not appear in the final output of the file.

disable tool

One of the most basic edits is the Trim edit. Trimming enables you to remove the beginnings and endings of your recording. To trim one track, mouse over the beginning or ending of the recording until the double arrowhead cursor appears. Then, click and drag to remove the amount that you want to. To trim multiple tracks at once, first highlight them by clicking and dragging over them.

Trimming a clip

Another way to edit is to use the Cut tool, which looks like a pair of scissors.

Cut tool

To use the Cut tool, first highlight an area of the timeline by clicking and dragging the red or green handle on the Playhead. The area you highlight should be the area you would like to remove. Once you have the area highlighted, click on the Cut tool and the highlighted area will be removed from your projects. To make precise edits, it may be helpful to use the Zoom tool to zoom in on the timeline.


In some cases, you may want to split your tracks to make room for another clip you wish to insert. To do this, position the Playhead at the point where you want to split the recording. The click and drag over the tracks so the borders highlight in gold. Click the Split tool and the tracks will be split.

Split tool

You can tell that you have split the tracks correctly when the name of the clip appears at the point of the split. After you have split the tracks, you can drag the tracks on the right side of the split to the right. This will make room for the clip you want to insert.

Split tracks

When editing, you will want to save your project as you go. You can do this by opening the File menu and choosing Save or by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the "S" key. You'll want to save your project using the same name as your recording. You should keep both of them in case you'll want to edit this project in the future. You can tell the difference between a recording by checking the file extensions. Recordings will have the extension of ".trec" while projects will have the extension of ".tscproj"

For information on how to publish your project into a file that can be shared with others, please view the KB article, "Creating Shareable Content in Camtasia 9."

Things to Consider
  • Be sure to save your recordings (.trec files) and your projects (.tscproj files). Having these will make it easier to update your files if you need to do so in the future.
  • The files you have created so far in Camtasia can only be viewed by others who have Camtasia 9 installed.
  • Keep saving while you are working on editing and other enhancements. That way, if there is a problem, you won't lose all of your work.
  • It is advisable to keep your recordings and projects together and to name the projects with the same name you used for the recordings.
  • When you are looking at files on your computer, recordings usually have a red icon. Projects usually have a green icon.

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