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ImageNow: Perceptive Experience Workflow

To process a document in workflow using the web client Experience on a Mac or PC.

PLEASE NOTE:  VIEWING FOLDERS IS NOW SUPPORTED:  If your workflow queue appears empty please click on the Search button in the upper right corner of your screen and your documents will appear.
Follow the following steps:

If you have logged into WebNow prior to logging into Perceptive Experience, the program will automatically log you in.  After 12 hours the login screen and 2-step prompt will appear. 

Perceptive Experience supports document searching and folders.

1.  Perceptive Experience:

2.  Sign into Perceptive Experience with your campus username and campus password.

3.  The 2-step authentication screen will appear.   2-Step: Logging in Using 2-Step Authentication (Mobile Device and FOB)

4.  The Perceptive Experience Screen will appear.  Document searching and folder support are now available.  This screen allows you to choose what you need:  Documents and Folders for searching, Workflow for processing.  The green Home icon in the upper left will take you back to this main menu.

5.  This is the Documents screen. The green icon in the upper left will take you back to the main menu.

6.  This is the Workflow screen.  The green icon in the upper left will take you back to the main menu.


 Workflow screen shows all of the workflow sessions you have access to.

Choose the workflow session and workflow queue to open.

The workflow queue is open and shows the list of documents here, double click a document in the list to open.

   Open workflow document for processing. 

Defining the toolbar at the top of the screen.

  Here are the instructions on how to add the signature approval stamp.
  Click the down arrow next to the annotation icon and then choose Create Annotation

   Click within the document where you would like to place your signature stamp.  
   The annotations options will look like the following when it is placed on the document, the annotation will need to be adjusted to add the approval signature.

Adjusting the annotation for the signature approval stamp.

Signature stamp is applied to the document.

Routing the document for further processing. 

Left click the route icon in the toolbar.  This will show the "route forward" option, then choose Manual to reveal your route forward options.

Select the the workflow and then choose Route

Once "Route" is chosen,  you will be returned to your queue to choose an new doc to process.

If you cannot find a solution to your imagenow issue click here to create a ticket

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