Making Engaging Videos in Camtasia 9: Adding Animations

This article demonstrates how to use captions in Camtasia 9

Camtasia 9 is available for free to UW-Stout faculty and staff for loading onto their computers issued by UW-Stout

PC users should go their Software Center desktop app and install Camtasia 9. Instructions on using software center for PC are located here.

Mac users can use Self Service to install Camtasia 9. Instructions on how to install for a Mac are located here.

You can animate multiple types of objects within Camtasia. These include, but are not limited to: callouts, logos or other outside artwork, text that's important for the end users to see, and, if you want to, you can even animate the recording of your webcam.
 arrow callout  shield logo
 Callout  Logo or other artwork
 text information block  webcam video
 Text  Webcam video image

Making in animation is not difficult, but you may want to consider starting with simpler animations and move on to more complex animations when you feel more comfortable making them. To get started, make sure that you have something on your canvas that can be animated, such as this Arrow callout.

camtasia canvas with arrow callout

Then click the Animations tab on the left menu.

animations tab

 Make sure you're in Animations area. There are many pre-made animations, and if you mouse over them, they'll show you what they do.

animations area

To add your animations, click and drag it down to the track for the item that you that you want to animate and wait until the track border turns green, then release. 

track border highlighted in green

You'll see you've now got an arrow in this timeline area that you can move back and forth.

arrow in timeline track

To make the animation work, take the Playhead and move it all the way to the tiny, white circle on left end of the arrow.

line from timeline almost to left circle

This is where you're going to set your start for your animation, so you want to start with the animation off the screen and you want to remove all the opacity.

arrow callout moved to left opacity set to zero 

If you played it back, you would see that it appears. But you want it to appear, pause, and then exit the screen.So you've get some area in your timeline here to pause. Now you can go ahead and drag another animation down to where you want it.  

second animation added to track

Mouse over your white circle, the small one. Make sure your opacity, scale, and other items are correct.

opacity and scale at 100%

Then move the playhead to the end until the big circle turns red. Here's where you're going to drop your opacity and you're also going to move this off the edge of the screen. So now, if you played the whole thing back, you would see that it comes in, pauses, and then it fades back out. 

timeline on big circle of animation arrow

As you get more comfortable with the process, you can make more complex animations. Be careful, though, as too many animations can become distracting for learners. You also want to stay away from the trap of using too many animations as it will make you look like a rookie! 

too many animations on screen

If you have any questions, please contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.

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