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2-Step: Testing Your Duo 2-Step Mobile App

Once you have Duo 2-Step Set up, you can confirm that it works using our 2-Step testing website.
  1.  In the browser of your choice, go to 2steptest.uwstout.eduThis will open a UW Systems page. From the drop-down select UW-Stout and press Go.

    UW Systems Page

  2. This will bring you to the standard UW-Stout Identity Provider login. Enter your username and password as normal.

    Stout Login

  3. Once your username and password has been verified, you will see a Duo page.

    Duo Login

  4. If you did not set a default authentication method, you will see the option to Send Me a Push or Enter a Password
    To see how to send a push, continue to step 5.
    To see how to enter a password, skip to step 10.


  1. Click Send Me a Push.

  2. On your phone or tablet, open the Duo app and select the green notification at the top.

    Duo App

  3. Press the green check mark to approve the push.


  4. You will now be logged in and will see this page:


  5. You are logged in and can now Logout and close the page.


  1. Click Send a Passcode.

    Enter a passcode

  2. Open the Duo app and click your UW-Stout account.


  3. Enter the passcode into the box in the Duo login.

    Passcode Enter

  4. Click Log In.

  5. You will now be logged in and will see this page:


  6. You are logged in and can now Logout and close the page.

** If you can log in and see the green SUCCESS! page then no further action is needed. **

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