Touch ID (Mac): Setup and Use

Touch ID is a new feature for Macs. Touch ID allows users to unlock their Mac with their fingerprint. Please note that only new Macs with the touch bar are able to use Touch ID.

Determining Touch ID Eligibility

For your Mac to be eligible for Touch ID, it must have a touch bar and Touch ID scanner.
An example of the touch bar and scanner are shown below:

Mac Touch Bar


  1. Log into your Mac as normal with your username and password.

  2. In the Application Folder, click to open System Preferences.
    System Preferences

  3. In the System Preferences window, click Touch ID.

    System Preferences Window

  4. Select Add a fingerprint.

    Add Fingerprint

  5. You will now need to Place Your Finger.
    The Touch ID scanner is on the right side of the touch bar. As shown below:

    Place Your Finger

  6. As you lift and place your finger, the fingerprint on the screen will fill up with red lines.
    You will need to roll your finger to capture the edges of your fingerprint, as directed on-screen.

    Half-Way Done

  7. Once the Touch ID is ready, you can select Done.


  8. You can now choose what can be opened with Touch ID. To unlock the computer with your fingerprint, make sure Unlocking your Mac is checked.

    Select Options

  9. There is also an option to add additional fingerprints. This way you can unlock the computer with either hand or multiple fingers on a single hand.

Using Touch ID

Please note that Apple requires a password to be entered after a restart or shutdown:

After Restart

  1. When the screen shows:

    Unlock with Touch ID

  2. Place your finger here:

    Touch ID Location

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