Outlook (Web App): Sharing Calendars

This guide will overview the Web option to share calendars in Outlook.

Sharing a Calendar

  1. In the browser version of Outlook, open the Calendar tab.

  2. In the left folder pane, right-click the calendar you are sharing and click Sharing Permissions.

    Sharing Permissions

  3. This will open a pane with all of your calendar sharing details.

    Sharing Window

  4. Enter the username of the person you'd like to share your calendar with. The list will auto-populate from the Outlook directory as you type. You can select their username from the list.

    Select User

  5. You will need to set permissions for this new user. The meaning of the permission levels is discussed at the bottom of this article. Permission levels are as follows:

    Change Permission Level

  6. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Share then Done.


Opening a Calendar

  1. In the top bar of the Outlook calendar window, select Add Calendar > From directory.

    Add Calendar

  2. The Open Calendar window will open and prompts for a "from directory" name.

    Open Calendar Window

  3. Type in the person's Stout username.

    Select Username

  4. Leave the second section blank and click Open.

    Open Calendar

  5. You will now see the new calendar. 

    View Calendar

Removing a Calendar

  1. Right click the calendar you'd like to remove and select Remove.

    Remove Calendar

Permission Levels

  • Can view when I'm busy:
    Allows the person to see when you are busy but doesn't include any details (such as event location).

  • Can view titles and locations: 
    Allows the person to see when you are busy and the title and location of the event.

  • Can view all details: 
    Allows the person to see when you are busy and all the details of the event.

  • Can edit: 
    Allows the person to see all event details and edit the calendar.

  • Delegate: 
    Allows the person to see all event details, edit the calendar, and share the calendar with others.

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