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Canvas: Lockdown Browser

In order to take quizzes requiring Respondus Lockdown Browser in Canvas, follow the directions below.

Installing Respondus Lockdown for Canvas

1. To download/install Respondus Lockdown Browser for Canvas, go to a quiz that requires Respondus Lockdown Browser. Click on the quiz and select Take Quiz.

2. Click on the link to Download Respondus Lockdown Browser.

3. This will open a new tab with an Install Now button.  Click on that option.

4. Open the downloaded file and follow the directions in the setup wizard. This will create a Respondus Lockdown Browser shortcut on your desktop. 

Launching a Canvas quiz that requires Respondus Lockdown Browser

In order to launch a Canvas quiz that requires Respondus Lockdown Browser, you will need to do the following: 

1. Click on the Respondus Lockdown Browser icon on your desktop to launch it.

2. Answer in the affirmative (yes) when asked "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"

3. Respondus Lockdown may ask for permission to close other applications on your desktop. Make sure your work is saved and select Ok

4. Respondus Lockdown will require you to authenticate the UW organization you are enrolled in. Please select UW Stout

5. Next enter your UW Stout username and password and select sign in. This will take you back to the Canvas dashboard but you will be locked from all other desktop applications and programs.

6. Navigate to your course and then to your quiz and select Take the quiz to launch the quiz in Canvas. Once the quiz is launched, you will not be able to leave the quiz until it is submitted. If you attempt to leave the quiz, a warning will pop up stating "Do NOT close the browser until the exam is complete. Your instructor will be notified if you exit the exam early". Please select Return to Exam if you wish to return to the quiz and continue taking it or select Close the browser to terminate the quiz prematurely. 

7. When you have finished taking the quiz, click Submit Quiz

8. To exit Respondus Lockdown Browser, select the Red X in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Yes when asked "Are you sure you want to exit?

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