Adobe Acrobat DC: Signing Documents

This document walks through the 3 ways to sign a PDF document.
  1.  In the right-side menu, select Fill & Sign. This will open a new toolbar at the top of your PDF.

    Fill & Sign

  2. In the toolbar that just opened, select Sign. If you have any signatures saved, they will be seen here. If you do not have any signatures saved, you will have the option to create one.


  3. Select Add Signature.

  4. You will now have three options when creating your signature: Type, Draw, or Image.

    3 Signature Options

  5. To Type your signature, select the Type option and simply type your name.
    There is a drop-down menu with different font styles if you'd like to change the look of the signature.
    When finished, select Apply.

    Type Your Signature

  6. To Draw your signature, select the Draw option.
    If you have a touch-screen computer, you can use your finger or stylus to draw your signature.
    If you do not have a touch-screen computer, you will need to use your mouse to draw your signature.
    When finished, select Apply.

    Draw Your Signature

  7. To use an Image as your signature, select the Image option and navigate to the saved image of your signature.
    Signatures can be signed on blank paper and scanned to be used as your signature image.
    When finished, select Apply.

    Use a Signature Image

  8. To place your signature, you will need to select Sign in the Fill & Sign toolbar. 

  9. You will then drag and drop the signature onto the PDF.
    Please note that once you click away from the signature, you will no longer be able to move or remove it.

    Place Signature

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