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Setting up BbC and Camera System in Sorensen Hall Room 201 & 205

If you are teaching a hybrid course or wanting to record your lecture through Blackboard Collaborate while using the equipment in SORH 201/205, it’s important to have your microphone and video set up within the room and within BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra (BbC).

To ensure your microphone and camera are set up correctly in the classroom and online, please follow the steps below.

To set up the in-room audio and video system, please do the following:

1. With your computer and the in-room audio and video system turned on, ensure both laptop screens (1) are selected so your laptop is showing on all monitors within the classroom. Then, select the USB button (2). 

USB button

2. Once you select the USB button, you will be prompted through the system to select which room camera you would like on. For a view of the front of the room, select Instructor (3). For a view of the seats, select Student

Instructor Button

3. There are built-in camera presets that provide the instructor with a variety of camera shots and angles (4). These presets focus the camera to different points within the room and the instructor podium. Preset 3 is recommended for blended learning classes; however, it is up to the instructor to pick which preset to use. Presets can be changed throughout the lecture. 

Built in preset options

4. Once you have selected the preset you are comfortable with, you can select the Exit button in the top right hand corner to return to the main menu (5).

Exit button

To set up Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, please do the following: 

1. Once you are in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, click on the white x in the purple half moon located in the lower right corner of your screen (1). Next, click on the gear icon to enter “my settings” (2). Finally select Set up your camera and microphone to access the camera and microphone set up (3).   

Audio and video set up

2. Once you are in the camera and microphone set up, you should select the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (2 - TerisaFORTE), which will give you access to the microphone found on the instructor’s podium. 

Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (2- TerisaFORTE)

3. To test the microphone, select the Push button (5). The microphone is on when the light on the microphone is green.   It is recommended to turn the microphone on and to test it with your voice or snapping, and then turn it off to ensure that microphone is the only one being captured through Blackboard Collaborate. If the purple bar (see image above) is moving, the microphone is working. You can then click Yes - It's working (4). 

Turn mic on and off to test

4. The next tutorial will be testing the camera. Select the AV Bridge Conference camera in the drop down menu to access the camera set up within the classroom and controlled by control panel on the instructor’s podium. When selected, the image of you at the front of the classroom should appear in the testing box. If that image appears, you can then select Yes - It's working (6). 

AV Bridge Conference Camera

5. Once the camera and microphone are working, you can close out of the settings and once you are ready to start class, select the microphone and camera option within BbC to turn them on (7). 

Turn BbC microphone and video on during session


-If the microphone within the room stops working or it is not able to be selected, log out of the BbC session and log back in.

-If you are having issues with BbC in general, clear your browsers cookies and cache.



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