Canvas: Copying Content into a Course Shell

Instructors can copy the content from previous courses or sandbox course shells in Canvas- including but not limited to assignments, announcements, modules, pages, and discussions- into existing courses.

In order to copy content, you must be an enrolled user in both the course you are copying content out of and into.

The following directions will walk you through how to copy content from a previous course or a sandbox course into an existing course:

1. Open the Settings of the course that you want to import or copy content into.

2. Click on the Import Course Content link on the right side of the page.

3. In the drop-down menu by the Content Type, select the first option - Copy a Canvas Course.

4. Search for the course you would like to copy by entering the course name into the Course Name field and select the name of the course as it appears. If you have access to less than 100 courses, there will be another option to Select a Course from a drop down list. The Include Completed Courses checkbox is automatically selected.

5. You are able to choose what elements of the course you would like to import or copy into the course. Choose either All Content or Select Specific Content. Note, if you choose Select Specific Content, you will need to select the content that you want to import.

6. There is the option to adjust the dates of the assignments that you are importing. If this is something you wish to do, check the Adjust Events and Due Dates box.

7. Once everything looks correct, click Import.

8. The Current Jobs section will show you the status of the content that you are importing. If you had chosen Select Specific Content, instead of a status bar, you will see Select Content.  The import will not start until you have selected what you want to import.

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