2-Step: Re-Enrolling Phone Without Duo Device

If a phone has became unsynced, these are the directions to re-sync the Duo app and your Stout account without requiring Admin Portal access.
  1.  Visit the one-time passcode site located at https://smidp.uwstout.edu/otp.aspx.

  2. Sign in with your username and password.

  3. After clicking on the continue button you will be prompted to answer your security questions.
    Security questions example
  4. Successful answering of your security questions will provide you with a one-time passcode and at what time it will expire.

    Enter Username

  5. Make a note of that passcode, you will need it.

  6. Go to password.uwstout.edu

  7. Enter your username. Click Next.

    Enter Username
  8. Enter your current password. Click Next.

    Enter Password

  9. Select Configure 2-Step Authentication

    Select 2-Step Authentication
  10. At the Duo Prompt, enter the one-time passcode from Step 4 and click Login.

    Enter the one-time passcode

  11. Select Add Another Device.

    Add Another Device

  12. Select Mobile Phone then click Continue.
    mobile phone or tablet

  13. Enter the telephone number of the device you are going to use.

    Enter your telephone number

  14. Select the phone OS that you are using.

    What type of phone is this? iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone

  15. Install the app on your phone from your device OS application store.

    Install application from store

  16. Open the Duo app.

  17. Tap the Set up account option on the app.

  18. Tap the Use a QR code option on the app.

  19. Scan the barcode that appears on the Duo setup page using the phone camera. Do NOT scan the QR Code below.

    Barcode example

  20. A green check mark will show on the barcode once this is successfully completed.

    Confirmed barcode

  21. Select Continue

  22. Dismiss the message showing enrollment successful. 

  23. Select an authentication method from the Log In dropdown menu.
    NOTE: You can select any of the methods, but it is recommended that you select Automatically send this device a Duo Push


  24. Click Save and you may now close out of this page.

  25. You are now set up with 2-Step authentication on a cell phone.

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