iPad: Enrollment into Jamf and Reimaging of devices

Using Jamf to help keep our iOS devices and computers updated and secure. This KB will help with the process of enrolling a device into Jamf.

Learning and Information Technology is using Jamf which is a system that allows us to support Apple computers and iOS/iPadOS devices. The system allows us to install software, manage settings and recover locked devices if someone forgets their passcode.  In short, it helps us keep our devices and computers updated and secure. 


The LIT department is working to make sure all devices on the University network are running a supported operating system that can receive bug fixes and security patches.


Enrolling Devices in Jamf 

  • Jamf management software has been installed on all Macs purchased since May of 2016 and iOS/iPadOS devices purchased since May of 2018.  
  • Pre-existing computers and devices were enrolled in management if they visited the help desk to be reset or re-imaged.   
  • We are working to identify devices that have not been enrolled and these where recently shared with departments.
  • There are several ways to enroll devices, so please bring the Mac or iPad to the help desk or submit a help desk ticket and we can determine the best method to enroll the device while minimizing the impact to the user's productivity. 

Outdated Devices 

  • Many devices cannot run a current supported operating system and therefore cannot be enrolled in Jamf
  • Departments and units will need to determine if devices are still needed or in use.   
    • If it is no longer needed, please send it to UW-Stout Surplus by using the new Surplus guidelines.
    • If there is a current and continued need for the device, please work with your departments to budget for replacement devices.  

Updating and Enrolling iPad into Jamf

Before you come to the Help Desk:

1.       Fill out a Help Desk ticket. Within that ticket, please include the following:

  • Name of person using the iPad
  • C# (found on the white label on the device)
  • Determine if it is single user (one person who uses the devices) or multi-user (multiple people using the device, such as in a classroom)
  • If it is a multi-user, what special software/apps do you need on it? For example, a specific app that is used to complete a particular task.
  • Is there any new software or apps that you would like downloaded?
  • When do you need the device back?
  • Do you want the device delivered or will you pick it up?

When the instructor/device owner drops off the iPad to the Help Desk:

  • Make sure data is backed up (back it up to your computer or to OneDrive). If using OneDrive, the app will need to be installed onto the iPad.
  • Bring the device’s charger.
  • A help desk technician will help you with the reset process (5 minutes) ImportantKnow the pin for the device and the iTunes password that will get you into your account.
  • Leave your iPad with the Help Desk Technician for re-imaging and enrollment into JAMF.  

Regarding timeline, please know the following:

  • Turnaround of a single use device is typically 48 hours. * 
  • Turnaround of a multi-use device is typically 72 hours. *

    *Depending on workload and number of devices in que to be re-imaged, the process may take longer.

Things to know:

  • These devices will be erased. It will be completely reset, and it unties it from the iTunes account it is registered to. Single users will need to reinstall all apps that were on the device prior to the re-imaging.
  • This is being done with security in mind. This process will allow for UW-Stout to keep these devices (and the people’s credentials related to it) safe.
  • The re-imaging and enrollment into JAMF for this device allows for updates to be pushed to the device so it runs smoother, faster, and longer.  
  • If this is a multi-user device, please contact the help desk to communicate the specific apps you need.  It is not recommended to connect a multi-user device to a single iTunes account. 

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