AirMedia 200 (Mac): Laptop connection

Using Airplay to connect your Mac laptop to an AirMedia-200

Connecting a Mac laptop to a newer AirMedia, such as AirMedia-200, requires you mirror the laptop using AirPlay. The display screen for the AirMedia-200 looks different on the monitor or projector screen to which you are displaying. The hostname/IP and the Code with be on the lower left side of the screen with AirMedia-200 devices and not the upper part of the screen like with AirMedia 100/101 devices. Once you have identified the hostname/IP and code position on screen as an AirMedia-200, use these instructions for connection.

1) Connect your laptop WiFi to the Stout Secure of Guest network. Instructions on connecting to network

2) Launch the AirMedia software. If you don't have the AirMedia software loaded onto your laptop or you need to update the software, go to Self Service.  Instructions for Self Service software for your Mac laptop

3) After launching the AirMedia software, the Crestron AirMedia window will pop-up on your laptop screen.

Crestron AirMedia window

4) Enter the hostname or IP address of the AirMedia. The hostname is always the 4-letter building abbreviation + the room number with no space in between. Example, HERH103 is Heritage Hall room 103. The IP will start with either a or Typing out the hostname is faster. Both are displayed on the start-up screen for the monitor or projector screen. The room's AirMedia will save on Recents as well. If using the Stout Guest network, you must enter the IP and not the hostname.

5) Click Connect

6) A new pop-up will appear on your laptop screen for entering the AirMedia code. This is a four digit number located on the lower left-side of the display screen. You will have 30 seconds to complete this action. If you do not enter the code within 30 seconds, you will need to go back and re-enter the the hostname or IP address.

AirPlay Device Code pop up

7) After entering the code, a new pop-up window will appear on your laptop screen. Follow those instructions.

8) Click the AirPlay menu in the system bar located at the upper right-side of your Mac laptop.

9) Find the AirMedia hostname or IP address in the AirPlay list.

10) Tap the hostname or IP name in the list.

11) Your laptop is now connected.

12) To stop your laptop from presenting, return to the AirPlay menu in the system bar located at the upper right-side of your Mac laptop.

13) Click Stop AirPlay.

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