Network Printing w/ PaperCut (Faculty/Staff): Macs

Guide to install network printers that are maintained by the new PaperCut system

Removing a Printer

  1. Enable Admin By Request
  2. Apple Icon > System Settings

    System Settings Prompt

  3. In System Settings, scroll down to Printers & Scanners

    Printers & Scanners w/ Printer Listed
  4. Select the printer you would like removed

    Printer Details
  5. Click Remove Printer...

    Remove Printer Dialog
  6. On the confirmation dialog, select Remove Printer

Installing from Self-Service

Adding Printer

  1. Open Self-Service

    Self-Service Icon

  2. When prompted, sign-in with your UW-Stout email and password

    Self Service Sign-In

  3. On the home page, select Browse on the left-hand side.

    Self Service Home

  4. Select Install on any printer you'd like to add to the list

    Self-Service Printers

  5. If you have multiple funding strings, you may need to also click Install on the PaperCut Client app in the top-left corner

If your printer is not listed, you may need to Install Manually

Installing Manually

Installing Drivers

Skip to Adding Printer if drivers are already installed or if you'd like to use generic drivers

  1. Go to Ricoh's driver downloads:
    1. Don't click "Find Mac Downloads"
  2. Search for the printer that matches your printer model # and download its driver
  3. Open and install the DMG file that downloads

Adding Printer

  1. Enable Admin By Request
  2. Apple Icon > System Settings

    System Settings Prompt

  3. In System Settings, scroll down to Printers & Scanners

    Printers and Scanners Menu

  4. Hit Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax...

    Add Printer Dialog

  5. Right-click the toolbar and hit Customize Toolbar...

    Add Advanced Gear to Toolbar

  6. From the list of icons, drag the Advanced gears up to the toolbar and hit Done
  7. Click the new Advanced tab w/ gears

    Advanced Toolbar

  8. Enter the following information:

    Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    Device: Another Device
    URL: smb:// (Ex: smb://
    Name: Name of the printer (Ex: SORH_105_MFD_1)
    Location: Leave blank
    Use: Generic PCL Printer OR Select Software... > Search for the printer model #

    Note: "Generic PCL Printer" may only print in B&W. It is recommended to download the Ricoh printer drivers and then use "Select Software..."

    Filled In Dialog
  9. Hit Add
  10. When prompted, select the features your printer includes:

    Duplexer Popup

  11. If needed, make sure to install the PaperCut Client from Self-Service.



"Enter the name and password of a user in the 'Printer Operator' group..."

Enable Admin By Request then try printing again

Only Prints in Grayscale

Try re-installing the printer manually using Ricoh/Lanier's official printer drivers. Make sure to use Select Software... and search for the printer's model #.

Printer spins up but nothing prints out

This is a known issue with a select few printers on campus. Try re-installing the printer manually using the "Generic PostScript Printer" instead of the official drivers.

Printing Paused

Try reinstalling the printer. If the issue persists, you may not have access to the printer. You can submit a ticket w/ the printer name (Ex: SORH_105_MFD_1) and your funding string (Ex: 123-1-123456) and we'll get back to you up and running as soon as we can.

The "Add Printer" dialog does not open

  1. Try rebooting the device

  2. Try forcing all the windows back on the screen
    Apple Icon > System Settings > Displays > Change the display resolution

  3. Try resetting the printing system
    Note: This will remove all printers, pending print jobs, and printer presets
    Apple Icon > System Settings > Printers & Scanners > Ctrl-Click the printer list > Reset Printing System

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