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Perceptive Content: Admissions/Grad School MailMerge Printer

This article will demonstrate how to install the MailMerge ImageNow printer used for decision letters in the Admissions and Graduate School offices.

Portions of these instructions may require administrator access. You can gain administrator access by following the instructions here: Admin by Request (Windows): Requesting Admin Access

Part 1: Installing the Printer

  1. Open Software Center
  2. Search for "ImageNow".
  3. Click on the option called "ImageNow - Mail Merge Printer Setup"
    1. Note: If you do not have this option, please submit a Help Desk ticket

      Screenshot of software center

  4. Click "Install" (or "Reinstall")

    Screenshot of software center

  5. Once the installation is complete, proceed to Part 2: Configuring the Printer.


Part 2: Configuring the Printer

  1. Go to Printers & Scanners

    Screenshot of Windows search for Printers & Scanners

  2. Click on ImageNow Printer (or ImageNow Mail Merge Printer)

    Screenshot of Printers & Scanners window

  3. Click Printer Properties

    Screenshot of the ImageNow printer window

  4. Click the Ports tab

    Screenshot of the Printer properties dialog box

  5. Click Add Port

    Screenshot of the printer properties dialog box - port tab

  6. Click Local Port and then New Port

    Screenshot showing the local port and new port buttons

  7. In the name box, enter “NUL2” (do not include the quotes) and click OK

    Screenshot showing the area to enter a port name

  8. In the list, ensure the box next to NUL2 is checked and then click Apply

    Screenshot showing the port checkboxes

  9. Click Close on any remaining dialog boxes. 


If you cannot find a solution to your imagenow issue click here to create a ticket

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