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AirMedia (Windows and Mac)

How faculty, staff and students can install and use AirMedia.
AirMedia is a wireless projection system that utilizes wireless internet to allow instructors and students to project to classroom projectors.

The AirMedia application must be installed in order to use the AirMedia system. Many campus computers will already have AirMedia installed.


Windows - AirMedia installation on faculty and staff computers

  1. Click on the Search icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

    Software Center

  2. Search for Software Center and double click on it to open.

    Software Center

  3. In the software center, locate and click on AirMedia.

    AirMedia in Software Center

  4. This screen should pop up. Click on the Install button.

    Install AirMedia

  5. On the bottom taskbar, right click on the AirMedia logo and click on Pin to taskbar. Click on Close window to exit the program, and then re-open it for use.

    Pin Air Media

After installing, Disable Auto Discovery

  1. Open Crestron AirMedia. 

    Crestron AirMedia

  2. Click Options > Settings

    Crestron AirMedia Options and Settings

  3. Auto Discovery is on by default, click the circle to turn it off. Auto Discovery should now be off by default.

    Auto Discovery Off

Windows - AirMedia installation on student and guest computers

    1. Open a browser and enter the AirMedia's IP address that is displayed on the monitor into the browser address bar.

    2. Air Media will load. Click Start Presenting

      Start Presenting Air Media

    3. Click Windows button

      Download Windows AirMedia application

    4. The app will download into your downloads folder. Double click this file.

      AirMedia file

    5. This should automatically launch the app and install it. To continue to presenting, click the blue Agree button.

      Agree option

    6. Select the blue OK button.

      Ask Me option and click OK

    7. Enter the AirMedia code that is displayed on the monitor into the box and then click Connect.

Enter code and connect

Windows - Using AirMedia

  1. Select AirMedia on the room's controller.

  2. Open the AirMedia app on your laptop.

    Crestron Air Media

  3. On the projected AirMedia image, find the host name or IP address (example: SORH205 or

    Splash Screen

  4. Type the host name or IP address into the search window of the AirMedia app, then hit enter.
    NOTE: If you are on "Stout Guest" WiFi, you will only be able to use the IP address.

    Connect using host name (location)         Connect using IP Address

  5.   Hit enter on your keyboard to connect. 

  6. Enter the code displayed AirMedia device. Once entered, click Connect.
    Note: most AirMedia will show the code in the lower left corner of the displayed image, newer models have a pop up window in the middle of the displayed image.

    Ender code window

  7. When connected, this pop up should appear. You can minimize the pop up.

    presentation pop up

  8. The Pause button will freeze your computer display so that what is on the display will stay there until you click Resume.

    Pause options

  9. The volume control will control your audio volume and can also mute and unmute the audio. 

     Volume      Mute

  10. If you click the drop down arrow next to Screen Sharing you will have the option to change the video source from your primary and secondary screens.

    Screen Options

  11. If you have multiple screen options, you can set your screen positions into a quad. Click on Options > Screen Position.

    Example of multiple screens

  12. To exit Air Media, click Disconnect on the AirMedia Pop Up Window.



Mac - AirMedia Installation On Faculty & Staff Computers

  1. Click the search icon in the top right of the screen.


  2. Search for Self Service. Click to open.

    Self Service

  3. You may be prompted to enter your username and password. You can check the Remember Me option for future convenience.

    Remember Me

  4. Scroll down the applications until you find AirMedia. Click Install.

    Install AirMedia

  5. Your application will now be installed and should appear in your Application folder. 
    *Note* AirMedia will be nested within the Crestron folder in the Application folder.


Mac- AirMedia Installation on Student & Guest Computers

  1. Open a browser and enter the IP into the search bar.

  2. Click Start Presenting
  3. Click Mac button

  4. The app will download into your downloads file. It will be a .dmg file.

  5. The Finder window will open with the Crestron AirMedia app. Double click the app.

  6. Click blue Open button

    Open button

  7. Click the blue Agree button

    Agree button

  8. Click the blue OK button

    OK button

Mac - Using AirMedia

  1. On the projected image, note the AirMedia host name or IP address

    Splash screen
  2. After opening AirMedia app, type host name (ex. SORH205) or IP (ex. into search bar in the top right of the AirMedia window and hit return key. If using the Guest Network you must use the IP and not the host name.


  3. A pop-up should appear in the middle of the window asking for a PIN number. Ignore this box entirely.
    1. Go to the control center at the top right of the screen.

    2. Click on Screen Mirroring.

    3. Select the Hostname or IP you are trying to connect to.

    4. When prompted, type in the code shown on the projector or monitor display.

    5. Minimize the AirMedia app

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