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OneDrive (Windows): Basic Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting and errors fixes for OneDrive.


  1. OneDrive in Finder no longer syncing with OneDrive in Browser

  2. Errors when opening OneDrive files in Finder

  3. OneDrive icons are not green check-marks

OneDrive in Finder no longer syncing with OneDrive in Browser

Resync From Browser

  1. Sign into OneDrive ( in your preferred browser.

  2. In the top menu, there is a Sync icon. Click that icon.

    Example of sync icon

  3. You may be prompted to Open Microsoft OneDrive. Click Open Microsoft OneDrive.

    Example of Open Micorosft OneDrive prompt

  4. You may receive a prompt the OneDrive is already syncing. This can be ignored.

    Example of Already Syncing prompt that can be ignored

Restart OneDrive Sync

  1. In the bottom right, select the OneDrive Icon.

    Example of the OneDrive icon

  2. Select More > Settings.

    Example of the Setting menu

  3. Under the Account tab, select Stop sync.

  4. Select Unlink Account.

  5. You will then get a prompt to set up OneDrive. Follow the prompts to start re-syncing your OneDrive account.

    Example of prompt asking to re-set up OneDrive

Errors when opening OneDrive files in Finder 

  1. Press the Windows + r keys to open the Run command prompt.

    Example of the Run command box

  2. Enter %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset and click OK.

  3. Once the command is done running, follow the directions for Resync from Browser.

OneDrive Icons are not Green Check-Marks 

  • Files or folders showing with a red X next to their name are usually due to the file being in violation of Microsoft's naming structure or are of an invalid file type.

  • Microsoft maintains a full list of restrictions and limitations here: Invalid file names and file types in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint
    • Invalid characters
    • Invalid file or folder names
    • Invalid or blocked file types
    • File upload size
    • File name and path lengths
    • etc...

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