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Student Laptop Questions and Answers

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A summary of some reported laptop issues and resolutions

Adobe Software

Adobe Licensing has changed for all UW-Stout users this year.  There are three steps involved in getting access to the software. 
1.  Enrolling in Adobe Licensing
2.  Installing the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App
3.  Installing the individual Adobe Creative Cloud Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Etc.)

Please visit adobe.uwstout.edu for more details about each step.


Solidworks can be installed from the Company Portal. Please visit the KB Article, SolidWorks: Installation Information for more information on installing Solidworks. (The Solidworks installation is a long installation and a reliable network is recommended)

If you have a laptop with an older image (previous to the 2019 image), please visit the technology help desk to reimage your computer.

Company Portal (HP Users)

With the 2019 image, HP laptop users will install software from the Company PortalThe Company Portal is available in your Start Menu.  If you have a laptop with an older image, you will need to visit the technology help desk to reimage your laptop in order to have access to the Company Portal. If you download Company Portal from the Microsoft Store, it will not give you access to UW-Stout licensed software.

Windows Applications on an Apple Laptop

If you have an Apple laptop and need to run Windows for a class, please visit the help desk for assistance on setting up a virtual desktop.

Laptops with a 2018 Image

Most Software on the laptops that were deployed last year will continue to work, but if students need the newest version of software (including Solidworks and Adobe), they will need to visit the help desk to re-image their laptop.  Please make sure your files are backed up to OneDrive for Business or an external device in advance.  The process to re-image and setting up your laptop will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Printers in Residence Halls

If you are unable to print in the residence halls please see the following KB articles for information on setting up your laptop to print.

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