Cisco AnyConnect Upgrade

Posted: 15:52:28, Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023   Expiration: 15:52:28, Friday, Oct 10, 2025  

October 2nd: The old service has been shut down. Please view the article for directions on how to upgrade to gain access to the new environment.

Those who currently have the Cisco AnyConnect client, used to access important systems or data from both on and off campus, will need to upgrade to newest version of software. This new version, re-branded as Cisco Secure Client, is available within Software Center.

The timeline for Phase 1 of this VPN consolidation project is as follows:

  • September 11th: An email notification will be sent to those currently using AnyConnect with instructions on how to upgrade. If you have already upgraded, you can disregard this message.
  • September 18th: A reminder email will be sent out.  A pop-up message will prompt users to upgrade when using the old client.
  • October 2nd: The old service will be shut down requiring the upgrade in order to connect.

Instruction on how to upgrade AnyConnect to the new Secure Client can be found here.

Please note you can install the updated VPN client while connected to AnyConnect. You will be disconnected during the install, but can then launch Secure Client from the Start Menu or restarting your computer.

-- UW Stout
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