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Administrative Transformation Project (ATP): MS Authenticator, Stout's My Apps Portal and MyUW Changes

Posted: 2024-05-10 08:01:34   Expiration: 2025-07-31 08:01:34

LIT is working on several significant projects as part of the Administrative Transformation Project (ATP). This includes Microsoft Authenticator, My Apps and MyUW(HRS) changes.

LIT is working on several significant projects as part of the Administrative Transformation Project (ATP). The following are three major projects that are connected to ATP.

In addition, we have over 50 UW-Stout applications and services that will be impacted by the System ATP project and are being addressed by our Enterprise Information Systems team in collaboration with service owners from Business Financial Services and Human Resources. Much of this work is being done behind the scenes, but it is critical to the success of ATP. 

Moving from Duo to Microsoft Authenticator

LIT is currently working to move Multi Factor Authentication, also known as "2 Factor" from DUO to Microsoft Authenticator. This is a significant project for LIT and will require a phased roll out. We have approximately 150 applications that require MFA and each application requires vendor engagement to make the change. Because of this phased approach, users will temporarily be using both DUO and MS Authenticator until all applications have been transitioned to Authenticator.  

My Apps Portal

Stout's new "My Apps" Portal will be replacing UW-Stout's Common Logins page. Faculty, staff and students will login and authenticate when accessing the page.

MyUW Changes

All employees will notice a different look when accessing Human Resources (HR), Benefits and Payroll information. The My UW Portal, or, will begin redirecting users directly to HRS. Instead of accessing the My UW Portal, employees will navigate to HRS to manage tasks such as submitting time sheets, requesting leave, reviewing benefits, and updating personal details.   As part of this transition, the new link to HRS has already been added to Stout's My Apps Portal

Upcoming Work

  • Current password page will be hosted at Microsoft (End of Summer)
  • Updated KBs to reflect changes and processes
  • Workday: New software replacing HRS, Student Financial System (SFS), WISER, and Travel reimbursement (July 2025)
  • Reporting and dashboard changes: moving to Tableau reporting in place of UWBI (Summer 2024 -2025)

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