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AnyConnect now requires 2-Step

Posted: 17:00:37, Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018   Expiration: 17:00:37, Monday, Oct 22, 2018

On Sunday October 14th we began enforcing 2-Step when logging into AnyConnect. Please contact the Technology HelpDesk if you are not enrolled in 2-Step or are experiencing issues connecting to AnyConnect with 2-Step.

Please note the two different methods to login to AnyConnect using 2-Step:

Push (mobile device only)

If you have enrolled your mobile device, AnyConnect will automatically assume you would like to use push notifications.  To login to AnyConnect, simply enter your username and password as you always have and click OK. Your phone will then prompt you for approval within the next few seconds.  After you approve on your phone, the login will complete.  You will only have 60 seconds to complete the authentication including the time it takes for your phone to prompt you, so it is best to be prepared to accept the prompt. 


Passcode (FOB)

If you use a FOB to generate 2-Step passcodes, you will need to login using your password followed by a comma followed by the passcode. Please see the example below, or visit https://kb.uwstout.edu/page.php?id=86148 for more information.

Username: stoutj 

Password: yourCompl3xpassword,123456

-- UW Stout
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