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Safe Documents

Safe Documents: A Microsoft 365 Apps feature that keeps enterprise users safe by verifying untrusted files on their behalf.

What is it?

Safe Documents is a new feature in Microsoft Office 365 that improves the existing Protected View experience. Although Protected View helps secure documents originating outside the organization, people too often exit the protection sandbox without considering if the document is safe – leaving their organizations vulnerable. To improve this trust promotion experience for Microsoft 365 Apps, Safe Documents takes away the guesswork by automatically verifying the document against the latest known risks and threat profiles before allowing users to leave the Protected View container. 

How it works:

Safe Documents leverages the power of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and brings it to the desktop. With Safe Documents enabled, untrusted files that open in Protected View go through an additional process where the document is uploaded and scanned by Microsoft Defender ATP. During the process your data is encrypted and protected by Microsoft to the same standards used across Office 365.

What to expect:

While a scan is in progress, Safe Documents will prevent users from exiting the Protected View container. Users are still able to access and read the document during this process but will be unable to make any edits until the scan has completed.

Safe Document Protected View Pop up

Once the file has been successfully scanned, users will be able to leave the Protected View container with confidence that their file is safe. You can click on Enable Editing to continue.

Protected View Pop Up - Enable Editing Option

In case of a malicious file, users will be blocked from leaving the Protected View container. You will still be able to view the content of the file in protected view but will not be able to edit, save, or print the document. 

At this point, we encourage you to close the file and simply delete it. If you believe the message was displayed in error and you need access to the file, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Protected View - Malicious File

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