Apple: Initial Setup of a Student Apple Laptop

Instructions for setting up a Student Apple MacBook Pro, valid for models deployed starting June 2021.

Please note: If you make a mistake or change your mind, many of these settings can be changed later in System Preferences.

IMPORTANT: The computer may pause for up to a minute between some steps, please be patient, as software is being installed in the background.

Initial Setup

  1. Power on the Apple Laptop.
  2. Choose United States.  Click Continue.

    Country or Region

  3. If you want to set up accessibility features, you can do that here, otherwise click Not Now.

    Accessibility Prompt

  4. WI-FI Network:  From the list of networks, choose StoutSecure.  (If you're setting up your Mac at home, choose your home network instead.)

    Select your WI- FI

  5. Enter your UW-Stout Username (the part before the “@” in your email address) and your password.  Click Continue.  If you are asked to verify the StoutSecure Certificate, click Continue. (If you're setting up your Mac at home, enter your network password/credentials instead)

    Select your wi-fi network

  6. Data & Privacy: Click Continue.

    Data and Privacy

  7. Migration Assistant: Click Not Now in the lower left corner.

    Migration Assistant

  8. Apple ID: Click Set Up Later in the lower left corner.  If you’re asked if you’re sure you want to skip this step, Click Skip.

    Sign in with your Apple ID

  9. Terms and Conditions: Click Agree.  On the pop-up window that appears, click Agree again.

    Terms and conditions

  10. Create your computer user account.
    1. Full name: Enter your full name.
    2. Account Name: You can leave this field alone, or change it as you please.  This only affects the name of your home folder on your computer.
    3. Password:  Enter the password you’d like to use to log into your computer.  This is not the same as your UW-Stout password.
    4. Hint: Enter a password hint, if desired.

      Create a computer account

  11. Express Set Up: Click Continue.  

    express set up

  12. Analytics: Click Continue.


  13. Screen Time: Click Set Up Later in the lower left corner.

    Screen Time

  14. Siri: If you wish to disable Ask Siri, uncheck the box and click Continue, otherwise leave the box checked and click Continue.


  15. Touch ID: Click Set Up Touch ID Later in the lower left corner.  On the window that pops up asking if you’re sure, click Continue.

    Touch ID

  16. Choose Your Look: Choose your look and then click Continue.

    Choose Your Look

  17. True Tone Display: Click Continue.

     True Tone Display

  18. Your Mac will display the desktop. Several windows will pop up. If you’re asked to verify the StoutSecure certificate again, click Continue and then enter your computer password when prompted and click OK.  A message from Microsoft AutoUpdate will also appear. Click OK.

Required Data Notice

Installing VPN

After those windows are closed, you’ll notice an icon on the upper right corner of the screen, to Install the UW-Stout VPN.  

  1. Double Click the icon for the Install UW-Stout VPN package.

    Install VPN package

  2. Click Continue.

    Install VPN window

  3. Click Install.

    Install window

  4. Enter your computer password.

    Computer Password

  5. You may need to wait several minutes as your Mac may still be installing software in the background. When it completes, click Close in the lower right corner of the window.

    Installation was successful

  6. A message will pop up asking you to review the VPN Profile in System Preferences.  The Profiles window (shown above) will also have opened automatically.  Click Install in the upper right corner.  When asked if you are sure, click Continue.

    VPN Profile

  7. Enter your UW-Stout Username (the part before the “@” in your email address.)  Click Install.

    UW-Stout Username

  8. Give permission to install the profile.  Enter your computer password and click OK.


  9. You can now safely move the VPN installer to the trash.

Your Mac is set up!  Please Reboot before doing anything else on the computer.

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