BP Logix: Home Page/Interface Overview and other Knowledge Views

This article provides some basic terminology as well as an explanation of the BP Logix home page and other reports, or "Knowledge Views" available to users.


Knowledge View - allows users to view data related to active or completed processes.  They can be configured to show data from either a single process, or several processes.  The layout is similar to a spreadsheet, where each column represents a data point, such as form name, requester name, date submitted, etc., and each line represents a request.
The BP Logix Home Page and other tabs consist of several Knowledge Views that have been created for you.  This article talks about each of these knowledge views.
Timeline - This is the BP Logix term for a workflow or process flow.  Most knowledge views are configured to show a timeline instance NOT a form instance.  The exception to this would be the Task List knowledge view, which shows form instances so you are able to click on a form not yet submitted to complete and submit that form.  Forms do not have a timeline instance until they are submitted.

BP Logix Home Page

Upon logging into BP Logix, you will be brought to the home page.  The home page is separated into three sections.
  • Task List
  • All Knowledge Views and Reports
  • My Outstanding Requests

Image of home page showing two sections at the top and one section across the bottom

Section 1 (Upper Left):  Task List

Task list area on home page

The task list section will show anything waiting for you.  This includes...
1. Tasks that have been assigned to you
Tasks are assigned by BP Logix based on the process.
2.  Forms you have started, but saved and closed.  These forms have not yet been submitted.  
BP will note "You have not completed this form" under the form name in the 'Name' column (as shown in the above example).
3.  Documents you have checked out.
Currently there are no documents available for users to check out.

Section 2 (Upper Right):  All Knowledge Views and Reports

This tab will show any "Knowledge Views" available for you to run.  A knowledge view is a report that is configured to show data from either a single process, or several processes.  
If you are a process owner, you may have a knowledge view that was designed for your process.  If you are a general user, you will see knowledge views that will show your submitted forms.  
Knowledge View - The BP Logix term for a report of data captured by one or more forms.

Section 3 (Bottom): My Outstanding Requests

outstanding requests area on home page

This area is provided to you, so that you can see all active forms currently in process.  
Here you will see...
  1. The name of the form and when it was submitted.
  2. Where it is currently at in the process, and who the task is assigned to.
  3. When the task was assigned to that person.

Additional Tabs Available to Users

My Submitted Requests

my submitted requests tab
This knowledge view is available to all users in BP Logix.  It differs from the "My Outstanding Requests" on the home page as it shows all forms you have submitted, both active and complete.  This knowledge view also allows you to narrow your search by selecting dates at the top.  

Workflow Status Definitions

Pending - Form started and saved, but NOT submitted

Active - Form was submitted and is moving through the approval process

              The Current step column will ONLY be populated for forms with a workflow status of "Active".

Complete - Form was submitted and has completed the approval process.  

Tasks I need to Complete

This is the same knowledge view as the "Task List" on the home page.  The only difference is that in this tab, the task list will span the whole screen.

All Knowledge Views and Reports

This is the same knowledge view that appears in the "All Knowledge Views and Reports" section on the home page.  The only difference is that in this tab, the list will span the entire screen.

Forms I can Submit

StoutForms  will continue to be the main repository for all forms.  However, as forms are created and released in BP Logix, they will also appear in this area.
the forms I can Submit knowledge view

Timeout Error Message

You may see the below message if your login has timed out.  You will need to two factor into BP Logix again via the following url https://uwstout.bplogix.net/login.aspx?usertype=4

login timeout error message

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