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ImageStout - Checking properties of a document

Viewing the properties of the document will show the routing history of the document.

Siblings - What are they?  What process causes siblings?

Siblings happen when a document is routed simultaneously to multiple people for approvals.  Currently hiring documents

Why are there multiple copies of the same document in a workflow queue?

There is more than one way to get to the properties of a document.  When a document is open click on the "more" option under the document type.


Left click on the document to highlight it, then right click on the document and select "properties"

The following screen should appear

Click the "plus" sign next to Workflow, your screen should look like this:

This shows us that the document is in the approval process and gathering signature approvals.

Move the scroll bar in the lower left corner to the right in order to see where the document siblings are in workflow, see below:

To see the workflow history of each sibling, click on the left to highlight and then click on the "History" tab on the right.  This will show how the document got to its current destination.

In this example, Doug Wahl has two copies of the same document because one is routing through a vacant position workflow queue to him as well as the other copy which is routing to him as well.

Click "OK" to close this screen.

If you receive multiple copies of the same document and see that other people have routed a copy directly to you, you can easily route the extra document(s) to HR Join(Docs) to get it back on the right path. 

If the workflow properties shows the following, then all signature approvals are finished and the document has been seen by Benefits and Payroll.

If you would like assistance, please create a HelpDesk ticket with the link below and the imaging team will take a look at the routing process of the document and make any necessary adjustments.

If you cannot find a solution to your imagenow issue click here to create a ticket

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