Campus Payment Site (Touchnet): Access Explained

Touchnet is the service employed by UW-Stout for students and their delegates to view bills, make payments and manage accounts.

The Make a Payment link from the Student Business Services site takes the user to the Touchnet Login (the campus payment page).

Active Students: Active students can log by clicking on the Student Login click here link using their Stout Username and password. Rule of thumb: log in using the same username and password combination you would use to log into Access Stout.

Past/Inactive Students (including alumni): Students who are not active (not enrolled for approximately 13 months or more) will not be able to log in and should contact Student Business Services for an alternative payment option. Rule of thumb: Students who cannot log into Access Stout cannot use the online payment site.

Parents/Guardians/Employers: Parents, guardians, or employers wishing to access the payment system require student permission via the student's authorized user process before they can log into the Authorized Users login. The password used to log in is established by the delegate and initiated via an email to their personal account. Forgotten passwords cannot be recovered; the student must reinitiate the process. Users should email Student Business Services with questions.

Touchnet Login Screen

Troubleshooting tips for online payments:

  1. Do not copy/paste your password into the password field
  2. Try another web browser; older browsers, especially mobile browsers are not compatible (browsers must be compatible with TLS 1.1 or higher encryption; Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 7 are recommended)
  3. Three failed attempts will lock a user out for an hour
  4. Turn off pop-up blocker
  5. Clear browser cache
  6. Do not enter the full email address for the "User Name" field--only the Username
  7. Try another location; some businesses, especially schools, may block the ability to make payments
  8. The Forgot your password link is only for Authorized Users (delegates, parents, employers, etc.) not current students
  9. Current students can verify their username and password at
  10. The process students use to authorize others to make payments is not the same process by which students authorize delegates to check grades or view schedules (see [Link for document 55534 is unavailable at this time.] )

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