Current Software Versions

List of software and the current version being used

Software TitleCurrent VersionPCMACStudent LaptopLab(s)
7-Zip16.04x  JH316, MH188
Adobe Acrobat DC2017xxxAA218, FH104, HE359, JH316, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176, MH176
Adobe Acrobat Reader2017.009.20044xx JH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176, MH176
Adobe Action Essentials2 x MH176
Adobe After Effects CC2017xxxJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176, MH176
Adobe Animate CC2017x xJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176, MH176
Adobe Audition CC2017x xMH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176, MH176
Adobe Bridge CC2017x xAA218, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Captivate9x   
Adobe Captivate2017xx  
Adobe Character Animator CC2017x  MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App     
Adobe Dreamweaver CC2017x xJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Extendscript Toolkit CC2017x  CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Extension Manager CS6CS6x  MH188
Adobe FireworksCS6x xJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Flash Builder4.7x  JH316, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Fuse CC2017x  CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Illustrator CC2017xxxAA218, HE359, JH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe InCopy CC 2017x  CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe InDesign CC2017x xAA218, JH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Lightroom CC2015x xMH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Media Encoder CC2017x xMH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Muse CC2017x xMH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Photoshop CC2017xxxHE359, JH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
ADobe Prelude CC2017x xJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Premiere CC2017x xJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Presenter11xx JH316, MH188, MH176
Adobe Presenter11.1xx JH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Project Felix CC2017x  CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Adobe Speedgrade CC2015x xJH316, MH188, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
AirMedia xx All Labs
Allegorithmic Substance Suite2016x  MH188
Andrid Studio162.4069837x  JH316, MH188
Ansys 17.2x  TW170-08
ArcGIS Desktop10.4.1x  Library
Arnold Renderer for Maya2018xx MH188, MH176
Audacity2.1.3xx JH316, MH188, MH176
AudioCodes BToE1.0.20.0xx  
AutoCAD2018x  AA218, FH315, FH318, FH320,
AutoCAD Electrical2018x  FH215
Autodesk 3D's MAX2018x  MH188
Autodesk Alias AutoStudio2017x  AA218, MH188
Autodesk Civil 3D2018x   
Autodesk Design Review2018x  FH320, HE359
Autodesk Inventor2018x   
Autodesk MatchMover2014 x MH176
Autodesk Maya2018.2xx JH316, MH188, MH176
Autodesk MoldFlow Insight2018x  FH104, TW170
Autodesk MoldFlow Synergy2018x  FH104, TW170
Autodesk Mudbox2017xx JH316, MH188, MH176
Autodesk Revit2018x  AA218, FH318, MH188
Autodesk SketchBook2018x  AA218
Autodesk Smoke2017 x MH176
Autodesk Softimage2015x  JH316, MH188
Autodesk Synergy2017 x TW170
Autodesk Vault Professional2018x   
Best Load3.3.1rx  AA128
Blackmagic Fusion8.2.1 x MH176
Blender2.78Cx  JH316, MH188
Brackets (Text Editor)1.1 X CT204
CamStudio2.7x  JH316, MH188
Camtasia9.0.1xx MH176
CamWorks2017 x64 SP1x  FH104
Cape2.15x  AA128
CareerScope10x  VR310
Cinema Mocap2.0.0.5 x MH176
CinemaSuite  x MH176
Citrix Receiver  x CT204
Color Logic ImageFX/Printers Design Suite  x CT204
DaVinci Resolve Lite12 x MH176, CT131
Designer Sound FX  x MH176
Duik15.11 x MH176
EclipseMarsx  MH188, JH316
EFI Metrix2016 x CT204
Epic Games Launcher3.2x  JH316, MH188
ESKO ArtiosCAD16.1x  AA128, CT243
Esko ArtPro+16.1.0 x CT204
Esko Deskpack for Illustrator16.1.1 x CT204
Esko Dynamic Content16.1.1 x CT204
Esko Equinox16.1.1 x CT204
Esko FlexoTools16.1.1 x CT204
Esko InkTools16.1.1 x CT204
Esko Studio16.1.1 x CT204
Esko Studio Store Visualizer16.1.1 x CT204
FastCam 88x  FH104
Filemaker Pro16 x CT204
Filezilla  x CT204
FireFox  x MH176, , CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Font Explorer X Pro6.02 x CT204
Foxit Reader Enterprise6.2.1.618x   
GameMaker8.1x  JH316, MH188
Gaming SDK CC2017x  CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
GIMP2.8.16x  JH316, MH188
GitHub Desktop x  JH316, MH188
GMetrixSMS5.1.3x  VR310
Google Chrome 61xx AA218, JH316, MH188, MH176, CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176
Identity Finder10.0.3x   
Intel HAXM x  JH316
Ipevo Presenter  x MH176
Java JDK8u144x  JH316, MH188
Java Runtime8u144 x 64x  All computer labs and the library
JobBrowser Pro2014x  VR310
Keil Uvision5.23x  FH201N, FH210
Keyshot7x  AA218
Kinect SDK2x  JH316, MH188
Kodak Preps8 x CT204
Kodak Prinergy Evo Client8 x CT204
LabStats7.17xx All computer labs and the library
LatheCAM81.55x  FH104
LightTable0.8.1x  JH316, MH188
MASM 32 Editor11x  FH210
MatLab2017ax  FH104, FH201N, FH201S, FH210,
Micro-Cap Demo11x  FH201N, FH201S, FH210
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK2.0 x64x  JH316, MH188
Microsoft Office 20162016xxxAll computer labs and the library
Microsoft Visual Studio Community2015x  JH316, MH188
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Unity2015x  JH316, MH188
Microsoft Windows 8.1 SDK8.1x  JH316
Minitab18.1x x 
MoldWorks2017x  FH104, TW170
MotionBuilder2017xx JH316, MH188, MH176
National Instrument SuiteSpring 2017x  FH215, FH201S, FH210, TW170
Oculus x  MH188
OPACV6x  VR310
OpenToonz  x MH176
Optical Flares  x MH176
OptiTex15.6x  HE359
Pallet Design System5.2.8x  AA128
POV-Ray3.7x  JH316, MH188
Pro Scores  x MH176
Pro30002.33x  VR310
Python3.4.1x  MH188
Quixel Suite2.3.1x  MH188
Renderman21.4_1747743 x MH176
Rhinoceros 5x  AA218
Rockwell Connected Components WorkbenchV10x  FH215
Rockwell Studio30x  FH215
Saber Plugin  x MH176
Scratch454x  JH316, MH188
SketchUp Pro2017x  AA218
SolidWorks 2017 SP4.1x x AA128, AA218, FH104, FH215,
SolidWorks Explorer2017xx FH104, FH320
Soundflower  x MH176
SoundForge9x  JH316
SplitWorks2017x  FH104, TW170
SPSS24x x  
Stratasys Insight11.1x  FH104, FH315, FH320
Tiled1.01x  JH316, MH188
Topogun Toolbag2.08x  MH188
TOPS Pro x  AA128
Tortoise SVN1.9.5x  JH316, MH188
Unity2017.1.0.f3xx JH316, MH188
UPG2017x  FH104
VCAT1.15x  VR310
Video CoPilot  x MH176
Vive x  JH316
VLC Media Player2.2.6xx CT131, CT204, JH316, MH188, MH176
VueScan  x CT131, CT204, MH176
Wacom Tablet Drivers6.3.8-4xx AA218, JH316, MH188, MH176
Way2Call20116.1-64x  LST
WebEx Meeting Center x  LST Call Center
WinCaps III1x  FH104
WinMerge2.1.4.0x  JH316, MH188
Xilinx Vivado2017x  FH201N
XMPie uCreate Print  x CT204
Xrite i1Profiler  x CT131, CT204, CT243, MH176, MH176
Zbrush4R7x  MH188, MH176
Zebra Designer Pro2x  AA128

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