Epson Brightlink Projector Guide

Several classrooms have been equipped with Epson Brightlink Projectors. This serves as a guide to instruct users on how to use the projector.

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Classrooms with Brightlinks:

  • Comm Tech 224S
  • Heritage 103
  • Heritage 105
  • Heritage 351

Classroom Setup:

       HP Box (desktop computer - Projector is monitor)

       Wireless Keyboard

       Epson Brightlink 695wi Projector

       2 Epson Interactive Pens, rechargeable batteries, and battery charger

Epson Brightlink 695wi Projector:


        HDMI (HDM1 is Default)


        2 pens and finger can be set to different pen settings (3 total)

       Board Touch Points

        Laser Technology - (pen or finger breaks laser plain not pressure of touch on the board)

       Epson Interactive Software - 8 points of touch

       SMART Notebook - 6 points of touch

        No posters, decoration, lights etc... should touch the board

        Do not attach case for pens on board

        Bracelets or watches can cause interference

Epson Interactive Whiteboard Modes

Drawing Toolbar

SMART Notebook:

       Stay in PC Interactive Mode - use SMART tools in the SMART Notebook toolbar

       No more SMART floating tools outside of SMART Notebook, use Epson Annotation Mode to write on screen outside of SMART Notebook.

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