Outlook (Apple): Sharing Folders

This article will walk you through sharing email folders with out users using the Outlook Desktop App for Mac computers.
  1.  In Outlook, identify the folder that is to be shared. In this example, we will be sharing the "UW-STOUT TODAY" email folder.

    Folder Identification

    Please note that the folder is nested under the Inbox. This means that we also have to share both the Inbox and the UW-STOUT TODAY folders.

  2. Right-click Inbox and select Sharing Permissions....

    Share Permissions
  3. In the Permissions tab, select Add User....

    Add User
  4. Search for the name or username of the person you would like to give permissions. Select their name and click Add.

    Select User
  5. You will now need to add permissions. It is recommended that you assign shared users as Reviewer. This allows the user to see the emails but not edit or delete them.

    Add Permissions
  6. Once the permission is selected, click OK.

  7. Now you will need to repeat this process with the folder you'd like to share. In this example, it is UW-STOUT TODAY. Assign the same user with the same permissions as step 5. Select OK to finalize your choices.

    Stout Today Share
  8. The folder has now been successfully shared to the user you have chosen!

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