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Asset Management -- FAQS

Some frequently asked questions about online inventory system

Q: My department is in possession of a computer that does not appear in our list. What do I do?
A: It is preferable to have the department whose list it does appear in transfer it to your department, but when this is unknown, please create a self service ticket for the ASK5000 Technology Helpdesk and request that it be added to your department’s online inventory.

Q: As an inventory admin how will I know when new computers are added to our departmental inventory?
A: An email will be sent to all designated inventory admins for your department when a new computer is set up and delivered.

Q: How are computers added to our inventory list?
A: All computers are scanned on the receiving dock and immediately receive a C-number for security reasons. The computers are picked up by ASK5000 for initial setup and the user and department assigned prior to delivery.

Q: Are printers required to be inventoried?
A: No. Printers are now considered general office equipment. However, printers valued at $5,000 or more are still subject to capital asset inventory, and Telecommunications and Networking will maintain a functional inventory of networked printers.

Q: How are surplused computers removed from our inventory list?
A: Once you have completed your surplus declaration, please transfer the department to surplus (please see the instructions for “Transferring a computer or printer to another department”.) Once Surplus staff receive the computer they will verify receipt and the computer will be removed from your inventory list.

Q: We have computers in our area that we need to keep and have available for hired students to use to do work for us. Whose name should be listed on the inventory for these computers?
A: Computers kept for student use, or even for retiring or exiting employees that you intend to keep in your department must be assigned to someone within your department. This does not mean that person if financially liable for these computers (this is a rumor). But it does provide a ‘go-to’ person that should know where that computer is located during an audit. Note however, computers should not be kept as ‘extras’ or ‘just in case’. Any computers not be used should be surplused so that the campus is able to sell these computers and get the highest sale price possible in order to return money to the Computer Cost Share Program.

Q: Why do we even track computers on inventory, aren’t they just about worthless after the three or four year warranty expires?
A: Inventory of computers is synonymous with data security. UW-Stout would not be good shepherds of our data if we didn’t track our computers and let them simply disappear without knowing about it.
Therefore, the campus has made a decision to track via inventory all computers, and data devices.

Q: How many departmental inventory admins can be designated for each department?
A: There is no limit to the number of inventory admins who can be designated. Admins can be added and removed by contacting the ASK5000 Technology Helpdesk (please note that self service tickets are preferred for tracking reasons.)

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